5 Ways to Divine a Stupid Omelet

The omelet is certainly the most basic complete dish to prepare. For the classic recipe, you will need eggs, salt, and a little oil or butter for the pan. To decorate your omelet and to make it divine, a lot of options are available such as spices or aromatic herbs. These are our best ideas to make it delicious.


You can add all the vegetables you want, just cook them before starting your omelet. Potatoes, zucchini, mushrooms… the choice is varied. Choose seasonal vegetables of course.

Treat yourself with this mushroom omelet or this zucchini omelet.


Nothing like spices to enhance a dish. This also adapts to omelets. Whether it’s paprika, cumin, nutmeg or chili can be added to your omelet. On the other hand, do not abuse it and especially choose your combinations. You can combine paprika and nutmeg or chili and cumin for example.

Aromatic herbs

You are certainly familiar with the parsley omelet. Personally, I have a weakness for the chives omelet, it is full of taste and very fresh. Think of chervil, tarragon, or why not basil. Remember to freeze your herbs from the garden to enjoy the winter in your omelets.


We have a multitude of cheeses in France, do not settle for a simple omelet with grated Gruyère. You can add fourme, blue, but also charge for a more pronounced taste.

Try this sheep’s cheese omelet recipe or this one with a goat.

Meat or fish

To decorate your omelet, you can add bacon, diced ham, smoked salmon, or diced meat. It’s also the best way to use leftovers from your fridge.

Here’s a smoked salmon omelet or a scrambled bacon omelet.

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