6 Starbucks Drinks You Can Make At Home

Is your favorite cult Starbucks drink costing you a lot of money? You can prepare most of your favorite cocktails at home, believe it or not. Here are 6 Starbucks drinks you can prepare at home, in no particular sequence!

  1. Iced Caramel Macchiato
    2 shots espresso, vanilla syrup, caramel syrup, and milk are all you’ll need for this one. Consider this: if you like, you may make this coffee hot instead of iced. Simply use hot espresso instead of iced espresso. In a cup, combine all ingredients except the caramel sauce and stir until well combined. If desired, top with whipped cream and caramel sauce to taste. You’ve successfully replicated the famous Starbuck’s iced caramel macchiato at home! This Starbucks drink is available hot or iced, and if you like caramel, this is the drink for you. The full ingredient proportions as well as the original recipe by Eugenie Kitchen may be found here.

2. The Pink Drink
We’re taking a vacation from coffee drinks for the time being with the Starbucks pink drink, which has gone viral! Because it involves additional ingredients, the pink drink is a little more involved than the previous coffee beverages you may create at home. Blackberries, freeze dried strawberries, fresh strawberries, coconut milk, sugar, white grape juice, green coffee bean powder, and ice are all needed to prepare this one. The combination of these components creates the ideal pink cocktail at home! Beauty and the Beets has the precise measurements and original recipe here.

3. Passion Tea Lemonade
Following the no-coffee trend, the passion tea lemonade is the new Starbucks cult favorite. This refreshing drink combines lemonade and tea to satisfy your thirst in the scorching summer heat. Tazo passion tea bags, water, lemonade, sugar, and vanilla are all needed to make this cocktail. When you want Starbucks but don’t want to drink coffee, this is the drink to get. Caffeine is provided by the tea, while sweetness is provided by the lemonade. Starbucks knocked it out of the park with this one, delivering the ideal caffeine substitute for a hot day. Click here to see the entire recipe from Frugal Coupon Living!


4. Iced Vanilla Latte
We’re back in the coffee business with a Starbucks iced vanilla latte. This Starbucks drink is ideal for all my coffee enthusiasts, and it’s quite simple to create. It only requires a few ingredients, which you probably already have if you tried one of the coffee beverages above. All you need is strong coffee, either room temperature or cold, vanilla syrup, and milk of your choice. The combination of these three ingredients is a lethal trifecta that may be used to make a variety of beverages using varying proportions! This Starbucks drink is ideal for honing your barista skills before attempting one of the more challenging combos! This Mom Makes Dinner recipe may be found here.

8 Starbucks Drinks You Can Make At Home

5. Iced Matcha Latte
The iced, or blended, matcha latte is the next Starbucks drink on the list, and it may be the healthiest on the list. If you want a caffeine fix without the sugar, this is the drink for you. Matcha has a distinct flavor, but it’s been cooled to perfection. You’ll need matcha powder, vanilla syrup, ice, and your favorite milk to make this Starbucks drink at home. Whether you stir or combine, the result is a refreshing drink on a hot day. This Gimme Delicious recipe can be found here.


6. Strawberry Açai Refresher
The strawberry açai refresher is the last but surely not least. This is undoubtedly one of Starbucks’ top five cult favorites, and what’s better than being able to create it at home whenever you want? Some of the components are a little difficult to come by, but they’re well worth the effort. You’ll need freeze dried strawberries, sugar, white grape juice, green coffee bean powder, açai powder, water, and ice to make this Starbucks drink. This Starbucks drink recipe from Beauty and the Beets may be found here.

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