Cakes as Edible Artworks by Yulia Kedyarova

Whatever you do, make it a point to do it in style! When you add a dash of imagination to what you do, magic happens, regardless of your job. Yulia Kedyarova, a Russian baker, is one of those who turns her labor into a piece of art, often wow her 55k Instagram followers with her homemade cake images. She creates cakes that resemble sculptures rather than cakes, such as floral gardens, galaxies, and chocolate dreams. “I approach each of my items with apprehension and love,” she adds. “I try to accomplish every aspect precisely and attractively; as a result, each client receives a distinctive approach.” I only work on goods that I enjoy and in which I can put my heart and soul. I’m searching for fresh ideas, recommendations, and intriguing projects in general.” She generously pours her expertise and ingenuity into her cakes, and the results are always spectacular! See some of her work here, and keep up with her on Instagram for more.

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