Dessert ideas: What to do with clementines?

Clementine is the citrus fruit that everyone expects throughout the year and that we find just before the holidays. We, therefore, offer you some dessert recipes based on clementines to please everyone!

Clementine jam

Jam reminds us all of a childhood memory. Whether with red fruits, citrus fruits, or other flavors, jams are always a good way to comfort yourself. With the arrival of extreme cold and clementines on our markets, why not make a few pots, especially if you have a large number of clementines. Be aware that this recipe works even better with ripe clementines, and therefore a little sweeter than acidic.

To prepare the jam:

  • Start by peeling the clementines
  • In a large saucepan, heat the clementines with water and sugar
  • Squeeze lightly halfway through cooking
  • Filter and then reserve in a jar

The process for making jam is often the same: fruit, sugar, and water if needed. If you like to make your own jams, we advise you to take a look at our favorite jam recipes.

Clementine Christmas log

Clementine Christmas log

As the Christmas holidays approach, you are more and more looking for original log recipes, to change from the classic recipe. This chocolate log recipe is embellished with clementine icing, for a sweet and sour marriage that may awaken your taste buds. To your toques!

To prepare the log:

  • Start by preparing the chocolate ganache that will make up the log
  • Then prepare the clementine ice cream, thinking of putting the cream 30 minutes before in the freezer
  • Heat the chocolate in a bain-marie for the puffed part of the log
  • Place the log in the fridge for a long time before serving fresh

Thanks to this original log recipe, your holiday season will be unlike any other.

Panna cotta with clementine

Panna cotta with clementine

Panna cotta is one of the most famous Italian desserts, with its bouncy and creamy texture. Usually served with a red fruit coulis, we offer you today a version that goes a little off the beaten track: a panna cotta with clementine. The sweetness and acidity of the clementine will blend perfectly with the fat of the liquid cream. Since it’s soon Christmas, we give you a first gift: the recipe for panna cotta with clementines, which is prepared exactly like the one with red fruits.

To prepare panna cotta:

  • Start by heating the liquid cream with the vanilla bean and sugar
  • Out of the heat, add the gelatin soaked in water in advance
  • Let stand for at least 6 hours in the fridge
  • Prepare a coulis with your clementines by mixing the supremes with sugar

If you liked this recipe with clementines, we advise you to twist recipes with clementines, such as a good fruit salad or pie.

Carrot cake with clementines

Carrot cake with clementines

Head to the United States for this last recipe with clementines. The carrot cake is a generous cake, traditionally made with carrots and sweet icing. We decided to add clementines to counterbalance the sugar of the icing and carrot cake in general. This recipe at the same time fruity, sweet, acidic, and generous will delight all gourmets, even across the Atlantic.

To prepare the carrot cake:

  • Start by mixing grated carrots with raisins, hazelnuts, eggs, sugar and some spices
  • Bake for 40 minutes at 160°
  • Mix the cream cheese with the clementine juice and sugar
  • Place the icing over the carrot cake and serve

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