Do you take off your head and tail when eating shrimp?

Shrimps are delicious, but they are also rich in nutrients such as taurine, which can help with health. When eating shrimp, the head and tail are often removed for texture, which can result in the ‘holland’ discarding of good nutrients.

Taurine in shrimp is known to act on the sympathetic nerves of the brain to stabilize blood pressure. It also helps relieve fatigue. In addition, it inhibits the production of cholesterol that causes angina pectomyopathy, myocardial infarction, and serves to break down cholesterol that penetrates into vascular tissue. It is effective in preventing various vascular diseases such as hypertension and atherosclerosis by inhibiting excessive platelet aggregation action to prevent blood flow.

In particular, the useful nutrients of shrimp are abundant in the head, tail, and shell. Therefore, when eating shrimp, it is better to eat whole, not remove the shells, etc. Taurine was heard in the head or tail, and chitosan was also heard in the shell and tail. In addition, many proteins and DHA in the shell help improve brain development and memory.

When choosing shrimp, it is better to choose a transparent, shiny body and a hard shell. The shrimp head has a strong fishy taste that can be eaten raw, so you can enjoy the unique umami when grilled. If you’re too burdened to bake or eat, you can remove the grilled or steamed shrimp head, dry it well, and powder it to use it as a salty natural seasoning.

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