Donuts, pancakes, waffles: 20 snacks for gourmets

Donuts, pancakes, waffles: 20 snacks for gourmets

Between the candlestick and Mardi-gras, gourmets no longer know where to put their heads so there are good things to taste on all tables. But sometimes, it’s a little bit always the same pancake recipe, and we get tired quickly. To never run out of inspiration, here are 20 snack ideas that will delight you for sure!

Pancakes with salted butter caramel

Simple but effective, we love salted butter caramel pancakes. With each bite, it’s a bit of a return to childhood with this very sweet and sweet side like candy. Do you panic just when you read the word caramel? Rest assured, it’s very simple to do at home, promised. And if you really do not manage to make your caramel yourself, you can buy it ready in store, there are very good ones.

Pancakes with chestnut flour

For a little autumn taste that changes from classic recipes, we invite you to try this recipe of pancakes with chestnut flour. In addition to giving beautiful brown color to the dough, this flour brings a very pleasant note of chestnut. To test this weekend!


There is no question of celebrating Mardi Gras without a big bowl filled with homemade bugnes. And for that, we have THE perfect recipe for swollen and fluffy bugnes as we like them.

Donuts filled with white chocolate

Ohlala, we warn you: if you do not want to give in to temptation, do not look at this recipe of donuts filled with white chocolate. But hey, you’d miss something so good… It’s up to you. In any case, at 750g, we made our choice. At the same time, how can we not want to taste these fluffy donuts with hearts flowing with chocolate?

From donuts to yogurt

The secret of this recipe lies in the yoghurts: they bring a lot of creaminess to the dough for very fluffy donuts. We love it, and you?

Donuts in the oven

Same as for donuts, these US-way donuts get the pill in the oven so that we enjoy it without feeling guilty. Obviously, they do not taste quite the same as the fat donuts that come out of the fryer, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s up to you to see which ones you prefer.


To compare our recipe for baked donuts, you also need a recipe for all-classic (and delicious) donuts. It’s done: here is the recipe for fried donuts with a frosting worthy of your favorite American series. Mmm, donuts! Even Homer Simson would be jealous of this snack, that is to say.

From donuts to apples

For the little touch of balance (between us, it’s just for our consciousness, but it works), we tasted these apple donuts. Our verdict? It’s divine. We love these apple rings that hide under this gourmet donut dough. To try it is to adopt it.

From pancakes to green tea

Tea pastries are often seen in bakeries and tea rooms. Today, we offer you to make them yourself at home with this easy recipe of green tea pancakes. Taste chic guaranteed.


Why should we only eat pancakes for Sunday brunches? We treat ourselves from 4 pm with these homemade pancakes to fall. With a little maple syrup on top, we would like this snack to never end.

Marbled pancakes

They are so pretty that one would almost hesitate to bite into these marbled pancakes. Which side will you prefer: the one with cocoa or the one with vanilla sugar?


Mardi-gras is not just bugnes and donuts. Some break the codes and prefer to feast on good homemade churros with a chocolate sauce or a ramekin of spread at your fingertips. You can also make very thick hot chocolates like in Spain, and you will dip your churros in them. Do you invite us to taste it?

Coconut donuts

To taste it, why not offer donuts a little surprising? Add coconut to it for a taste that changes from the ordinary. We love their small size, ideal for pecking again and again with your fingers. On the other hand, we do not have the recipe to stop eating it, sorry.

An apple pancake cake

Between a cake to share and pancakes, your heart swings? Pair the two in a pancake cake. It is easy and always very appreciated at the time of the snack. In our recipe, we added apples for taste and texture.

From mini pancakes to apples

What do we like about this recipe? The miniature format of pancakes that have the ideal size to coat each piece of apples. Like that, it’s a lot of mini-pancakes to share at the snack.

From banana donuts to rum

Forget the swimsuit and the pareo, our stopover in Tahiti is only tasteful. Crunch in bananas soaked in rum-flavored donut dough, you’re going to want to book a plane ticket in the process.

Rolled chocolate pancakes

A cocoa-scented pancake dough, an ultra-creamy mascarpone cream, and a chocolate sauce that we want to lick until the last drop: these are the 3 reasons that make us love this roll of chocolate pancakes. Can we use ourselves again?

Liège waffles

Liège waffles, it’s the pleasure that we give ourselves from time to time and that makes us immediately fall back into childhood, don’t you think? This crispy recipe on it and fluffy inside will fill you with happiness at the time of the snack. A little tip for the most greedy: you can add sugar beads in the dough for a crunchy and caramelized effect to fall.

Maghreb donuts

To each region of the world its recipe of donuts. Here, head to Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco with this recipe for hyper-aerial donuts. Normally, this recipe is called “sfenj”, but the little voice in our head calls it “yum”, go find out why.

Donuts in the oven

Are you torn between gluttony and your food balance? We have the solution: donuts that are cooked in the oven. With this recipe, no need for an oil bath, you will have an ultra good snack and not very fat.

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