Eating this sweet food would boost weight loss

© iStock Eating this sweet food would boost weight loss

Sweets, cakes, sodas… We know it: these sweet foods are not slimming allies. A small sweetness particularly appreciated could however promote weight loss, according to a British study: milk chocolate. Explanations.

Losing weight by eating sugary foods, an impossible dream? British researchers may have fulfilled the wish of gourmets, by making a surprising discovery: eating milk chocolate would not make you fat. If we know the health virtues of dark chocolate, imagine that milk chocolate, sweeter, can be a slimming ally is particularly surprising. And even more incredible: consumed in the morning, this tasty dish would even help burn calories! The results of this study were published in the FASEB Journal.

Consuming milk chocolate in the morning would reduce energy intake

To reach this surprising conclusion, the researchers followed 19 postmenopausal women for two weeks. Participants were divided into two groups: those in the first group were expected to consume 100 g of milk chocolate in the morning, within one hour of waking up, while those in the second group were expected to eat 100 g of milk chocolate in the evening, within one hour of bedtime.

As a result, the volunteers did not gain weight. But that’s not all: the researchers also discovered that the time of day when chocolate was consumed had different consequences.

Eating chocolate in the evening would thus improve the sleep rhythm and decrease appetite. Consuming this sweet food in the morning would have even more benefits: it would lower fasting blood sugar, decrease cortisol levels associated with stress, as well as energy intake “by reducing fats and carbohydrates”, the study says.

Chocolate to slim down? A strategy that has limits

Reading debt good news, you are about to put 100 g of chocolate on the menu of your breakfast? Caution! This study has several limitations, in particular related to the fact that it was conducted on a small sample and over a short period of time.

If the participants did not gain weight, it is probably because“many people who struggle to lose weight actually consume very few calories and are known to skip breakfast,” Shena Jaramillo, an American dietician, tells Insider. According to the specialist, it is therefore normal that adding chocolate – or any other food – to your food routine promotes the feeling of satiety and therefore weight loss.

However, “it’s not a desirable long-term strategy,” according to Lauren Harris-Pincus, an American dietician interviewed by Verywell Health. And for good reason: “Consuming 30% of your daily calories from chocolate is not ideal, because it takes the place of the necessary nutrients from other foods”, she concludes.

To keep the line, no miracle recipe: have a reasonable pleasure with chocolate, all as part of a balanced diet!

Source: Timing of chocolate intake affects hunger, substrate oxidation, and microbiota: A randomized controlled trial, FASEB Journal

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