Espresso vs elongated coffee: which one contains the most caffeine?

For many of us, coffee is part of the little morning ritual. Its energizing properties allow us to start the day well, in a good mood, and in shape. But beware of preconceived ideas about the strength of coffees between espresso and elongated coffee.

Which of these coffees do you think contains the most caffeine?

A small caffeine point

Before getting to the heart of the matter, a little zoom on what caffeine is.

Caffeine is considered an alkaloid. It has been consumed for millennia but was isolated for the first time in 1819 by the German physicist Ferdinand Runge who managed to demonstrate its energizing properties.

Espresso or lying down, which one is the most caffeinated?

Failing to disappoint, it is not the espressos that are the most caffeinated. Although stronger in taste because it is more concentrated, it is actually the elongated coffees that contain the most caffeine.

The dose of caffeine is actually proportional to the amount of water. If you want a coffee with more caffeine, then it is better to prepare a filter coffee. Its preparation time (about 5 min) allows the coffee to brew well. Unlike an espresso whose preparation takes only a few seconds, caffeine, therefore, has much less time to infuse.

The dose of caffeine, therefore, corresponds to the amount of water that passes through the coffee and its infusion time.

An espresso of 3 to 5 cl includes between 80 and 100 mg of caffeine against 135 g to 150 g approximately for a cup of filter coffee of 20 cl.

What dose of caffeine should not exceed?

According to a report by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), the recommended dose of caffeine per day is limited to 400 mg for a healthy adult.

Beyond this dose, adverse effects can be felt such as palpitations, irritation, tremors …

But consumed in a reasonable dose, we do not deprive ourselves of a good coffee.

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