European cuisine: from worst to best country for food

There are many reasons why we love to travel. In addition to seeing new sights and giving us a break from work, the holiday gives us an exciting chance to try new food. The local cuisine is the entrance to a country’s culture and history. Spanish paella has ancient roots and teaches us about the country’s Muslim history. Meanwhile, modern pizza was invented in Naples, reflecting the region’s rich Neapolitan culture.

European food has been constantly changing since the fall of the Roman Empire, and countries have influenced each other in many ways. For example, croissants are not French, according to historical reports, they came from Austria. In addition, fish and chips are not even a British dish! It is believed that it came with Jewish immigrants from Spain and Portugal.

That said, Europe is defined by its different cuisines and gastronomic cultures. Spain is heavily influenced by its wonderful marisco, while the UK is perhaps best known as a melting pot of the world’s best food. After all, it is said that chicken tikka masala was not invented in India, but in the UK.

Come and explore the food of Europe – there are delicious Dutch desserts, perfect French pastries, strong German sausages, and delicious Greek cuisine. There is no better way to explore Europe than to first understand what they eat. Without more talk, here is Europe’s finest cuisine, ranked from the worst to the best, according to The Great Courses. Dive in!

20. Finland, Denmark and Sweden

Food from Finland, Denmark, and Sweden come in at number twenty. Scandinavian dishes include fermented sharks, and the price has frightened many.

photography of cooked dish served on white bowl

19. Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia

Food from these three countries is suitable for the cool and humid climate of the north. Soups are a favorite, and sour herring is also quite popular. For many, this is a narrow one.

18. Croatia

Seafood is a specialty of Croatia, and cities such as Split and Dubrovnik boast fantastic food. But dishes like “edible sevens over (a type of rodent)” might make you back off the dinner table.

round silver steel bowl with scallops

17. Bulgaria

The Balkan nation shares some recipes with Greece and Turkey. The dishes usually have dairy products and vegetables. Soup on kuvom (kumage) is also popular.

sliced tomato on white ceramic bowl

16. Slovenia

Slovenian dishes include struklji, a pastry that is either fried, boiled or steamed. The food here is highly rated, but much of it is said to originate from Austria.

soup with onions dish

15. Czech Republic and Slovakia

Goulash and dumplings are highlights from Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The food is said to be quite simple, but dishes such as Vepro knedlo zelo should still be enjoyed.

white ceramic bowl with soup

14. Luxembourg

The small, unpretentious nation, reflects the cuisine of its neighbors, France and Germany. To get started, try the träipen, a fried blood sausage best served with cabbage and potatoes.

bacon strips and melted cheese topped fries on oval white and blue platter with gray stainless steel forks

13. Ireland and the United Kingdom

Despite their differences, the UK and Ireland have quite similar food. Ireland makes better beers, of course, but British dishes such as Shepherd’s Pie and Sunday roast must be experienced.

cooked food on white ceramic plate

12. Hungary and Romania

Hungary and Romania share many dishes, but the first of them has the famous dish goulash. Romania, on the other hand, tends to mix minced meat into the menus.

fried rice on white ceramic plate

11. Poland

There’s more to Poland than Pieroger, and dishes like rosol, beetroot soup and Golonka are all worth your time.

red and white ceramic bowl with red sauce

10. Netherlands

Dutch dishes include food such as raw herring with chopped onions. But it is much more than that, with options such as poffertjes, stroopwafel or delicious butterball.

selective focus photography of fried food

Dutch restaurants have appeared on the Michelin list over 100 times. Two new two-star restaurants were added in 2019.

9. Malta

Malta outweighs its small size with an expansive kitchen full of exciting flavors. Seafood dishes are the crown of the jewel, while hobz biz-zejt is also well worth a try.

bowl of stew salmon

Malta has no Michelin-starred restaurants, but that could change soon. Bouquet Garni is a challenging favorite on TripAdvisor, with hundreds of five-star reviews.

8. Belgium

Belgian waffles may be world-famous, but of course, there is much more to the cuisine of this country. Dishes to choose from include modules-fries, mussels cooked in wine and butter.

black fish on black round container

Well over 100 Belgian restaurants have previously been recognized by Michelin, and two restaurants have received a three-star rating.

7. Germany

It is a nation known for beer and bratwurst (sausage), the entrance to Germany’s incredible food culture. Spätzle egg noodles are a dish to look out for.

German restaurants have often appeared on the Michelin Guide. There are three-star restaurants scattered around Germany, such as The Table in Hamburg.

6. Austria

Austria beats out its German neighbors on this list, with delicious dishes such as veal and fried schnitzel.

brown wooden bowl with food

Head to Vienna for fine restaurants such as the three-star Amador, where the head chef has put together a menu of top-level dishes.

5. Greece and Cyprus

Greek cuisine is pretty good, and nearby Cyprus also has some impressive dishes. Souvlaki’s sensational, stewed grape leaves and flatbread shawarma are also worth a taste.

The two-star Spondi restaurant is one of Athens’ best, while Varoulko Seaside is also worth a try.

sliced lemon on black plate

4. Spain

The Iberian Peninsula is packed with exciting flavors, and Spain has always lined up with some delicious dishes. Paella, anyone?

yellow flowers on black round plate

There are tempting eateries along the entire golden coast, while Madrid is home to DiverXO, an eccentric restaurant with three Michelin stars.

3. Portugal

Portugal is just ahead of its Spanish neighbor, with dishes such as Açorda and Feijoada à transmontane to choose from.

grilled fish with vegetable salad on white ceramic plate

Head to Lisbon for Michelin-starred restaurants such as Loco and Feitoria. Meanwhile, Porto is home to Pedro Lemos and Antiqvvm.

2. France

Although the country does not top the list, France is the homeland of brie, cakes of butter dough, and cassoulet. French cuisine is not only delicious, but it is also influential. French cuisine is even on UNESCO’s list of “intangible cultural heritage”.

assorted-flavor macaroons

French cities like Paris are world-class food centers. There are almost thirty restaurants with three Michelin stars, such as Paul Bocuse in Lyon and Le Petit Nice in Marseille.

1. Italy

Italian cuisine is so good that it has become a tourist attraction in itself. Where would we be without Italian dishes like pizza, pasta, and Panzanella?

pasta dish on blue ceramic bowl

Where to go to experience good Italian cuisine? Well, anywhere really. Try risotto from Milan, Bolognese from Bologna, Carbonara from Rome, and pizza from Naples.

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