For Every Holiday of the Year, Here Are 10 Stunning Charcuterie Boards

The holidays have arrived, along with all the delicious food that comes with them. And just because your family gatherings may be different this year doesn’t mean you can’t put up a fantastic Christmas charcuterie board. These holiday charcuterie board ideas range from waffle and bagel boards to Christmas cocoa. They’re perfect for any size event. To see them all, scroll down.

  1. Fall Dessert Charcuterie Board
    With this year’s events being on a smaller scale, this fall dessert board is ideal for avoiding full-size desserts. To make this delectable charcuterie board by Live to Sweet, all you need are some demi-desserts, sauces, and fruit.

2. Fall Apple & Cheese Board
With this stunning fall apple and cheese board from Bless This Mess Please, simple combines savory and sweet. We love how there’s something for everyone while still remaining festive and delectable.

3. Thanksgiving Snack Board
It’s difficult to wait for Thanksgiving dinner to be ready! With plenty of fruit, crackers, and cheese that looks just as gorgeous as it tastes, this ultimate snack board from Passion for Savings makes passing the time until the turkey is cooked a breeze.

4. Waffle Breakfast Board
Sandra’s Easy Cooking waffle board is next level, whether you’re hosting a small family brunch or just want to make breakfast memorable with your immediate brood. Make sure there are plenty of waffles, toppings, and fruit on the side. Breakfast is now available!

5. Holiday Charcuterie Board
Twelve on Main‘s rustic-toned holiday charcuterie board is major visual pleasure! Each item is a fantastic representation of the winter season, and the beautiful layout makes it ideal for snacking while everyone opens gifts.

6. Christmas Dessert Board
It’s time to make some hot chocolate! This Christmas dessert board by The Wiegands is perfect for after-dinner dessert, with chocolaty sweets, peppermint, and gorgeous greenery for the ultimate holiday mood.

7. Epic Cinnamon Roll Board
Isn’t this the most beautiful cinnamon bun platter you’ve ever seen? We love how this charcuterie from the Reluctant Entertainer shows all the assembling procedures, which is perfect for kids who want to DIY their own Cinnabon. For the grownups, it also packs a punch with additional breakfast favorites.

8. Winter White Cheeseboard
Fashionable Hostess‘ winter white cheeseboard is both simple and elegant, and it gives you all the feels. We’re tempted to dig right in because of the beautiful colors and silky textures of the dishes.

9. Perfect Fall Charcuterie Board
Let’s all raise our hands in praise of the goodness that is a cheese ball. Tidy Mom‘s amazing fall board elegantly mixes our guilty-pleasure munchies with delectable goodies that no one can refuse.

10. Rainbow
With Jenny Cookies‘ beautiful dessert charcuterie platter, you can truly taste the rainbow. Sweet circular cookies are coupled with complementing sprinkles and candy for a treat that you won’t be able to resist.

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