Green cabbage, white, red, which one to choose for my recipes?

Green cabbage, white cabbage, and red cabbage are all from the cabbage family. Their common feature is found in their foliage, their leaves are wide and rounded and overlap to form a “big apple”. Even though these three cabbages are part of the same family, their tastes are different as well as their uses. So instead of taking the cabbage, we discover which of these three cabbages we use for our recipes.

Green cabbage

Green cabbage© Supplied by 750 grams Green cabbage

Green cabbage is a cabbage that is eaten rather than cooked. Available from October to April, it must be chosen firm, heavy and tight leaves. To prepare it, strip it, remove the damaged leaves and the core.

It is often prepared with stuffing, as in stuffed cabbage. Most often, this stuffing is based on minced meat or fish such as salmon. Pan-fried, braised, or steamed, it is just as excellent!

You can also eat the collard green cabbage in raw version, slice it and choose the most tender leaves, in a salad it is delicious, embellished with small raisins and nuts.

Green cabbage keeps for a week in the fridge, and when you have minced it, within 2 days.

White cabbage

White cabbage© Supplied by 750 grams White cabbage

No question of making white cabbage on its preparation! This type of cabbage is prepared in multiple ways.

It is with the white cabbage that the delicious Alsatian sauerkraut is prepared by fermenting the cabbage.

It can also be prepared in salads, braised, stuffed, or coleslaw way. And to change from the classic coleslaw, we test this delicious recipe of coleslaw with orange without mayonnaise.

Just like collard greens, choose heavy, firm, and tight leaves. White cabbage is easily stored for a week in the fridge. Once started, consume it within 48 hours.

Red cabbage

Red cabbage© Supplied by 750 grams Red cabbage

We like to eat raw red cabbage in salads and it is delicious accompanied by a soft-boiled egg. But it can also be steamed or pan-fried with a little oil.

It is also very good in ‘braised’ cooking with apples and bacon. Slice your red cabbage, and cut your apples into pieces. In a frying pan, sauté the bacon, add the apples and cabbage. Cook for about twenty minutes until the cabbage is tender.

Also try the red cabbage soup, simple and original, you will surprise your guests!

To choose a red cabbage, it must be firm with tight and smooth leaves. Red cabbage keeps very well, you can keep it for 3 to 4 weeks in the vegetable tray of your fridge. And if you cut it, film it and it will keep for a short week in the fridge.

Red cabbage will give pretty colors to your dishes. When cooking it, don’t forget to collect the colored cooking water to use as a natural food coloring.

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