How to prevent the shell of eggs from cracking during cooking?

A little craving for boiled eggs? And hop immediately said immediately done. We hurry to dip our eggs in our pot of water. Unfortunately, when cooking, they can crack letting the egg white escape from the shell… Do not panic, we reveal all the little tricks to prevent the shell of the eggs from cracking during cooking.

Why do eggs crack when cooked?

There are two main reasons why your eggs crack when cooked.

Eggs sometimes play the hard-boiled ones and collide with each other or against the walls of the pan when immersed in a large volume of boiling water. Their shell weakens and cracks. The best solution will be to start cooking with cold water to prevent the eggs from bumping.

The second reason, based on the differences in temperatures that the eggs undergo, the heat shock makes the egg burst when cooked.

Take out the eggs before cooking

Before cooking your eggs, it is important to take them out of the fridge at least 30 minutes in advance so that they can warm up. Having eggs at room temperature will avoid thermal shock. Sudden temperature differences increase the risk that your eggshell will crack.

White vinegar

This second trick, and not the least, is to pour a drizzle of white vinegar into the cooking water. Vinegar will allow the faster coagulation of egg white, which will prevent the shell from cracking.

And if by bad luck (which should not happen) the shell of your egg cracks anyway, vinegar will prevent the spread of egg white in your saucepan.

Pierce the egg

This third track requires softness and delicacy. Using a disinfected pin or needle, pierce the lower part of your egg. It is in this part, that there is a small pocket that will allow any air bubbles to escape. The fact of making them evaporate will prevent them from creating pressure during cooking and that the shell of the egg cracks.

Do not worry, this operation does not break the eggshell, your eggs will not crack when cooking because of this small hole.

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