Ketchup or mayonnaise: which sauce is the least bad for your health?

Rather ketchup or team mayonnaise? Find out which condiment is better to choose and according to what criteria!

Ketchup or mayo? When it comes to eating a burger and fries, many don’t make the choice and mix the two. With ballots, it is the mayonnaise that takes precedence while with pasta, it is the ketchup… But what about our health? Which of these two condiments is the least bad? Certainly not the one everyone believes…

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A good mayonnaise is better than a good ketchup…

The worst condiment for our health is ketchup. And yes, we also thought that “since it’s tomato, ketchup must be better for your health than mayonnaise”. But actually no. For Isabelle Levasseur, a dietician nutritionist interviewed by Le Parisien, eating ketchup” adds sugar when we already consume it everywhere” so on the contrary,” it is better to enjoy a good mayonnaise”. This is especially true since the average ketchup market adds 22% sugar to its recipe.

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To make better ketchup, manufacturers play on the sugar content. Instead of just incorporating sugar into the product, they prefer to add more tomato, which is naturally sweet, to reduce the amount of sugar in the recipe without it being felt to taste. The problem, the product is still too sweet for health …

… so how do you choose the right condiment?

Be careful, not all mayonnaises are better than ketchup. Those, even organic, that have sugar and too much list of ingredients are not interesting alternatives. The health specialist insists: “a mayonnaise is 5 ingredients and that’s all”. In addition, she explains that it is important to “make a selection according to the oil”. Indeed, mayonnaise that contains only sunflower oil is to be avoided because it does not bring anything that we do not consume enough in our daily diet. This type of oil is rich in omega 6, a fatty acid found in some fish and meats, eggs, soybeans, corn, cereals, seeds, and most vegetable oils. It is, therefore, better to opt for mayonnaise with rapeseed oil, rich in omega 3. It is in particular a substance necessary for the”proper functioning of the brain”, says Isabelle Levasseur in the same interview.

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As has been said, ketchup is too sweet for your health. But would it be less bad for our health if brands reduced the amount of added sugar? Some, like the brand of organic sauces, Nod, have taken the bet and added only 3.5% to their recipe. The problem is that in return the director of the brand, Sébastien Loctin, was forced to review the recipe for the famous red sauce: apple concentrate and potatoes for texture; tomato concentrate, vinegar, organic cane sugar, spices and oil for taste; organic onions, beets, and carrots for fiber and natural sugar. The result, in the mouth” it doesn’t really look like ketchup anymore but it’s good”, “concluded the chief of the starred restaurant La Miranda (Avignon), Florent Pietravalle, after tasting the product during an interview for Le Parisien. In summary, it is better to eat less ketchup and choose the least sweet or do it yourself.

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