Looking to increase your vitamin K intake? These 4 foods can help

Vitamin K is a vital and necessary vitamin that your body needs to function properly. It helps to build and maintain strong, healthy bones.

Recent studies suggest that vitamin K may play a role in treating osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s and that consuming increased levels of vitamin K can help protect against cancer and heart disease.

Health experts reveal that unless you are taking medication to prevent blood clots, like Warfarin or Coumadin, there is no known risk of vitamin K toxicity, and no reason not to eat a lot of it. These are some of the foods you can eat.


Asparagus spears are a popular vegetable, especially for grilling at barbecues. They not only taste delicious, but they are also full of nutrients like folate, fiber, and vitamin K. Asparagus also contains a moderate amount of protein, which is convenient for vegans and vegetarians.

Turnip greens

Experts also reveal that turnip greens have a high amount of vitamin K and are rich in calcium. If they aren’t your thing, you can try some of their relatives such as beet greens or mustard greens as they have very similar profiles.


This power food is packed with vitamin K, as well as fiber, protein, iron, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Therefore, from improving bone density to muscle building, broccoli is the undisputed wholesome goodness champion.


Besides being rich in proteins, eggs contain essential nutrients and minerals such as vitamin K, folate, and selenium. According to health experts, eggs are the ideal food to provide the adequate amounts of nutrients needed by the body for optimum muscle growth and maintenance of bone strength.

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