Our 5 favorite salads with asparagus

That’s it, it’s finally asparagus season. Since we have been waiting for it for 11 months, we can tell you that we will take full advantage of it as long as we can. And to begin with, we will have fun with these 5 salads based on asparagus.

Asparagus salad with the fourme d’Ambert

Asparagus salad with the fourme d'Ambert
We start strong with a salad of character. The combination of asparagus and ambert’s fourme is a sure value that we never get tired of. To have a crunch on the plate, add some pink radishes that are also seasonal.

Green bean salad, asparagus and sweet soy sauce

Green bean salad, asparagus and sweet soy sauce© Provided by 750 grams Green bean salad, asparagus, and sweet soy sauce

What we love most about this salad is the fact that it is complete thanks to the boiled eggs it contains. Not to mention that we do not resist the sweet-salty side of the dressing. There’s no need to say: sweet soy sauce makes all the difference in this asparagus green bean salad.

Asparagus salad with apple, grapefruit and Savoy tomme

Asparagus salad with apple, grapefruit and Savoy tomme© Provided by 750 grams Asparagus salad with apple, grapefruit, and Savoy tomme

If you like altitude cheeses, you will enjoy this salad of asparagus, apples, salad, and grapefruits embellished with shavings of Savoy tomme. To play on the textures and bring very interesting nutrients into your salad, do not hesitate to add a handful of oilseeds such as almonds or nuts. Finally, with such a rich mixed salad, it’s easy to eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day!

Salad peas, beans and green asparagus

Salad peas, beans and green asparagus© Provided by 750 grams Salad peas, beans, and green asparagus

Green is in the spotlight in this salad with peas, beans, and asparagus. Beans are not often cooked, let alone in salads. It’s a shame because it lends itself well to the game. Ditto for broken peas. For gourmets, we add mini balls of mozzarella, but you are free to change to another cheese if you do not want this one. With little chives and new sliced onions, this salad will taste a lot.

Salad of peas, broccoli, asparagus and goat crottin

Salad of peas, broccoli, asparagus and goat crottin

The marriage between broccoli, which arrives at the end of the season, and asparagus, which are just beginning to point the tip of their nose, is successful. It must be said that the crunchiness of broccoli florets is generally well appreciated. For creaminess and sweetness, add goat cheese. Besides, do you know that there is a season for cheese? At the moment, the goat is in the spotlight, so we take advantage of it by adding it to this salad with peas, broccoli, and asparagus.

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