The 10 best fresh fruit salad recipes for each season

Fruit salad is always the right compromise for a dessert that is both healthy and gourmet. We are fortunate to have a wide range of fruits, regardless of the season. So to never run out of ideas for preparing your fruit salads, here are the top 10 fresh fruit salad recipes for each season.

Spring fruit salad

In spring, the beautiful days return and the pretty fruits too. We see strawberries, rhubarb, cherries arrive on our stalls… enough to make tasty fruit salads.

We let ourselves be tempted by this spring fruit salad with strawberries. It is a bouquet of flavors on the palate with only strawberries and mango.

You can also prepare a simple strawberry salad with small leaves of mint or basil.

It’s also rhubarb season. Associated with strawberry, it is a treat. Proof of this is: this strawberry-rhubarb fruit salad is simple and delicious.

Summer fruit salad

Ah in the summer, with its sweet evenings and meals just as friendly as each other. What could be better than a delicious fresh fruit salad to close a meal or for a refreshing snack?

Take a look at this fruit salad recipe presented in a watermelon. Both nice and original, it will please everyone.

If you want to stay a little more classic, here is a fruit salad with raspberries, nectarines, apricots decorated with some leaves of verbena and mint. A seasonal delight.

Also try this simple crunchy fruit salad with watermelon, peaches, grapes, and banana. The little extra? A handful of almonds that bring a pleasant taste and crunch to your salad.

Autumn fruit salad

In autumn we will bet more on apples, pears, and grapes.

And autumn says spices, winter is near and spices such as cinnamon, cloves, or star anise begin to intrude little by little into our preparations. So we start preparing this fruit salad with spices.

And for a balanced breakfast, here is a recipe for apple pear fruit salad embellished with muesli nuggets.

If you feel like extending the summer a little more, prepare this delicious exotic fruit salad.

Winter fruit salad

In winter, it is always nice to prepare a fresh fruit salad to stock up on vitamins. This winter fruit salad based on lychees, orange, pineapples, and other seasonal fruits should please you. And if you are a fan of citrus fruits, this homemade fruit salad with oranges is for you, prepared in a large dish, in verrines, or arranged like a carpaccio, you will not be disappointed with the result.

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