The Most Decadent Cakes on Earth

My mouth dropped when I saw these cakes from Lily Vanilli Bakery in London on Instagram. Aren’t these like something out of Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette? The surprising hues, luxurious piping, sweet cherries, and heaps of frosting are all part of the self-taught baker’s fun and nostalgic take on cake design. Explore more of the British bakery’s delectable creations below.

1. The Sun Tavern cake in pink and cream.

2. “This one is gluten free banana buckwheat and salt caramel…”

3. Gingerbread men on a jolly pink cake.

4. A mini wedding cake with a pearl monogram.

5. “Bling cherubs and hearts”

6. The loveliest oranges.

7. Three tiers of lovely.

8. Blue and white with gorgeous piping.

9. The sweetest festive Christmas treat.

10. Strawberries for summertime.

11. Valentine’s Day creations.

12. An over-the-top Christmas dessert.

13. Glitter cherries.

14. Two-tier cake.

15. Cherries on cherries.

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