This mistake we all make when buying mozzarella

Mozzarella is renowned for its unique taste, which it owes to buffalo milk. Problem: products stamped “di bufala” do not always respect the traditional recipe. Small guide to avoid buying fake mozzarella.

When it comes to cheese, the French have nothing to envy anyone… Except maybe to the Italians! Great must of the summer mozzarella, and its creamy declination that is the burrata, makes more than one dream. And for good reason, who has never dreamed of a delicious mozza tomato salad in the heatwave? On social networks, this agreement is also popular and the accounts dedicated to it continue to flourish. But if this cheese, mainly produced in the south of Italy, is a delight, it sometimes pays the price. His recipe is not always respected. It is difficult for consumers to tell the difference between real mozzarella and its copies. Explanations.

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What is mozzarella?

According to legend, revealed by Euronews, Italian pulled cheese was born as a result of an unfortunate accident. According to Italian legend, mozzarella was created by accident in Naples when curdled milk fell into a pot of boiling water. The result was a rich and creamy delicacy that, centuries later, became one of the favorite cheeses in the world,” the daily explains. But be careful, if it is quite possible to make mozzarella at home, do not use just any milk. What makes the fame of this cheese is above all the basic ingredient: buffalo milk.

Yet impossible to drink as is, buffalo milk has the particularity of being extremely creamy. After all, it would contain“twice as much fat as cow’s milk.” Still according to information from Euronews. But, if it is very widespread in Italy, once out of the country, it becomes rare. Abroad, the recipe is therefore no longer the same: for economic and especially practical reasons, many use cow’s milks rather than buffalo’s milk. The mozzarella di bufala then becomes the mozzarella di latte vaccino! Less rich and especially less tasty, this cow’s milk declination has little interest compared to its original version.

How do I know if mozzarella is good?

To avoid pitfalls, the consumer must therefore be attentive. As when you choose a ham in the supermarket, we advise you to read the labels carefully. To distinguish the real mozzarella, you can then rely on the labels. The following two are the best in terms of quality and certification for mozzarella:

  • The PDO,a protected designation of origin, which indicates that mozzarella comes from the region of Campania, Italy.
  • The Mozzarella Di Bufala Campana label, which certifies that the cheese is made from buffalo milk. You can recognize it very easily thanks to its green and red macaron.

As in many recipes sold in supermarkets, you should also pay attention to the composition of your mozzarella. Avoid extended ingredient lists and additives as much as possible. Exit, for example, the additive E330, which is actually citric acid. If it serves as a basis for preserving food, the recipe for traditional mozzarella does not use it, since it simply ferments the milk for more than 5 hours. Like when you buy bread, bet on a list of ingredients limited to three products: milk, water, and salt.

Do you love mozzarella or burrata, but don’t really have any ideas for cooking them? Get inspired by the recipes of chef Cyril Lignac, who prepares them regularly, with figs in salads and sesame for example. Otherwise, discover all our tasty recipes to prepare a mozzarella.

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