This mistake we all make with mushrooms

Here is the mistake to stop making when preparing mushrooms! We tell you everything.

Porcini mushrooms, morels, chanterelles… Mushrooms are real health concentrates! Rich in vitamin B, these small plants are both good for health, and especially delicious in many recipes.

Whether you like to pick them yourself or prefer to buy them fresh from the primeur, you must in any case clean the mushrooms well before using them. But did you know that, whatever their variety, these plants do not wash? And yes, many make the mistake of passing them underwater to clean them, or even worse, let them soak for several minutes! If you did too, never do it again. Mushrooms are very spongy. Like a sponge, they gorge themselves on the water very quickly and therefore lose their taste when cooked. It’s a shame!

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How to properly clean mushrooms?

To rid the fungus of their dirt and retain their good flavors, it is important to dry-clean them. For this, nothing could be simpler! Here are 3 quick and ultra-easy tips:

  1. To dry clean the mushrooms, you can start by cutting their feet, and then clean them with a damp cloth. You will get rid of traces of earth and possible insects.
  2. Otherwise, you can gently rub the mushrooms with a small brush. It’s even more effective! A nail brush or a toothbrush (new of course) will do very well.
  3. Finally, they can be scraped with a knife. It’s fast, easy and the result is impeccable.

Now that your mushrooms are all clean (without being waterlogged), you will be able to cut them without a problem and enjoy them without having the impression of eating a sponge when you cook them in salads. If you sauté them in the pan they will not disgorge and will therefore cook faster while keeping their original flavor. Enjoy!

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