Three cocktails for whiskey fans with a sweet touch

Currently, cocktails with whiskey have gained great popularity and have positioned themselves as one of the favorites to spend a good afternoon among friends and family. If you’re craving something sweeter but retaining the properties of good whiskey, then it’s time to try Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey.

Jack Honey is a combination of the classic Old No. 7 with liquor based on honey, in which its notes of vanilla and caramel are highlighted and which is made in the oldest distillery in the United States. According to the gastronomy portal ‘Food For Net’, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey is considered one of the best honey distillates in the world, which stands out for its soft expression and sweet flavor making it one of the favorite distillates of many.

Its characteristics make it perfect to enjoy in different presentations of cocktails. Therefore, on this occasion, Luis Castro, Brand Ambassador of the brand, shares three recipes that you can prepare with simple ingredients and are easy to find at home.

Jack Honey Smash:

2 oz Jack Daniel’s Honey

Mint leaves

15 ml lemon juice

15 ml rubber syrup

Crushed ice and cubes


First, fill half of a shaker with ice cubes. Then, place the Jack Daniel’s Honey, lemon juice, and syrup. Quickly, shake vigorously for 15 to 20 seconds. Then, fill two-thirds of a long glass with crushed ice. Next, serve the strained contents in the glass. Finally, decorate it with mint leaves.

Honey Lemonade:

2 oz Jack Daniel’s Honey

1 oz lemon juice

3 oz spark water

0.50 rubber syrup


First, in a long glass place ice cubes until you reach your top, and then serve the Jack Daniel’s Honey, lemon, and rubber syrup. Stir the ingredients, then place the sparkling water to complete and move gently. Finally, decorate with two small slices of lemon.

Jack Honey Ginger

2 oz Jack Daniel’s #7

1/2 oz Lemon Juice

4 oz Ginger Ale


First, in a tall glass put ice cubes until you reach your top. Then, place the Jack Daniel’s Honey, the lemon juice, and complete with the ginger ale. As the last step, stir gently so as not to lose the bubbles of the ginger ale and you will have your cocktail ready.

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