Tips and tricks for a creamy homemade ice cream

The problem with homemade ice cream is that everything seems perfect when it’s in the ice cream maker… but once out of the freezer, it’s a whole different story. They are crystallized, hard, solid. in short, it is impossible to make scoops of ice worthy of the name without letting it thaw for hours. Yet, in the ice cream maker, it was perfectly creamy. So how do I keep my homemade ice cream even when I get out of the freezer?

The enemy of homemade ice cream is water (and any liquids you’ll add to your ice). This liquid forms ice crystals that freeze the ice and prevent the most impatient among us from barely feasting on the ice out of the freezer. But not enough to give up and return to industrial ice cream for all that, we have 5 tips to get a creamy homemade ice cream at will.

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Tip #1: Add carob flour

You probably know carob, this fruit with a chocolate taste. But did you know that it was made into flour? Why not use classic wheat flour and much easier to find? Because the first characteristic of carob flour, which other flours do not have, is to bring softness to the ice and simplify the mixture of all the ingredients and, therefore, make everything more homogeneous. In order not to abuse it, count about 7g of this flour for 1L of ice. It’s nice as advice, but where does this flour come from? We grant you, it is not the most common flour. But you will find them in organic stores.

Tip #2: Add alcohol

Be careful, no abuse: the ice must remain an ice cream and not an aperitif or a liqueur! With a few drops of strong alcohol like kirsh, your ice cream will not crystallize. But it doesn’t go with all ice cream scents.

Tip #3: Choose a custard base or add egg yolks

Or sweetened condensed milk, of your choice. In fact, we are looking here for something very sweet and fatty, but also thick. Remember that the more fat there is, the smoother your ice will be.

Tip n°4: Add fat, fat, fat

You should also not end up with a jar of fresh cream in the freezer, but as we have just said, your ice cream will be all the more flexible and airy if it contains fat. And for that, there is the embarrassment of choice: some will adopt the method of cream or mascarpone, others will prefer whole milk or raw milk, still, others condensed milk or the famous egg yolks. You see.

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Tip #5: Add natural stabilizers

Just at the sight of the word stabilizer, you get scared? Don’t panic, we’re not going to add a thousand chemical elements. Milk powder is an excellent stabilizer to keep homemade ice-creamy. And yes, we do not suspect it, but it prevents the drops of water from sticking to each other (and therefore from forming crystals that freeze the ice). Do not have a heavy hand, but only 100g for 1L of ice maximum. Otherwise, there is also invert sugar which will have an antifreeze effect.

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