Watercolor Wedding Cakes Might Be the Next Big Wedding Trend

Serving up a wow-worthy wedding dessert is just frosting on the cake after a beautiful ceremony and delectable supper. Though many new, delicious fads have taken over modern weddings – doughnut walls and dessert bars are lovely — a has always been a necessity in our opinion. A cake nowadays might be anything except conventional. There are many different ways to present this particular delicacy, from macaron shaped cakes to lace layers. Who is our favorite wedding cake newcomer? A watercolor cake that has been meticulously hand-painted. Wedding cake designs in watercolor are amazing works of art. Delicate strokes and light colors may turn your cake layers into delectable works of art that are almost too gorgeous to cut. To obtain ideas for your own watercolor wedding cake fantasy, take a look at some of our must-pin favorites.

1. Pastel Petals
This vintage-inspired dessert begs to be served garden-side, with the lightest dosage of pink and purple flower motifs.

2. A Subtle Statement
A genuine wedding diamond is created when something blue meets a basic cake canvas, gold flakes, and watercolor jewel tones.

3. Hand-painted Perfection
In the beautiful cake, subtle, delicate strokes bring just a hint of fading flower to the foreground.

4. Monogramed Masterpiece
This watercolor wedding cake is light and colorful, with a lot of personality.

5. Bold and Beautiful
This magnificent floral design is a bold collection of color with an exquisite splash of gold, with a bottom full of flowering, deep hues.

6. Lily Pad Love
This water lilly wonder has us daydreaming of Monet’s masterpiece.

7. Cascading Color
This quirky cake design offers some real floral beauty, with a vibrant burst of watercolor from head to toe.

Cascading Colors

8. Icy Elegance
We’ve discovered it if you’re seeking for a basic, yet attractive design with a slight flash of blue. This color scheme would be ideal for a wedding in the spring or winter.

Icy Elegance

9. Confetti – Inspired Cake
The classic funfetti cake has been given a major makeover. This cake would offer a gorgeous, painterly energy to any wedding event, rousing but calm.

Confetti-Inspired Cake

10. Something Blue, Ombre Style
This lovely gradient might easily be your “something new” or “something blue.” One stone, two birds.

Something Blue, Ombre Style

11. Pretty in Pink
Allow this clean and elegant watercolor pattern to enhance your feminine style.

Pretty in Pink

12. Tie-dyed and Textured
This cheerful, tiered rainbow dessert will undoubtedly be a hit at any wedding.

Tie-Dyed and Textured
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