What cooking to succeed a calf egg?

It is not so easy to succeed in a calf egg. Cooking time, technique, and little tricks… We give you all our secrets.

A little more cooked than a boiled egg, a little less cooked than a hard-boiled egg, the calf egg is an egg whose white is hard but the yolk flowing. It is perfect to accompany roasted asparagus or a lentil salad, style a spelt risotto, or a toasted avocado.

The first rule to succeed: cooking the calf egg requires precision, absolutely bring a timer. The cooking time of the calf egg is exactly 5 minutes and 45 seconds (for eggs at room temperature).

Note, however, that the cooking time of the calf egg changes depending on the altitude you are in because atmospheric pressure varies the temperature of the boiling water.

The calf egg “perfect cooking”

Here is for us the best method to successfully cook calf eggs. If you keep them cool, take your eggs out of the refrigerator one hour before you start cooking. Boil water in a covered saucepan. Set your fire so that the water is “quivering”: large broths may break your eggs. With a skimmer, gently lay your eggs in the water. Wait exactly 5 minutes 45 and then immerse the eggs in a bowl filled with cold water to stop cooking.

When they are cooled, you can flake them. Proceed with delicacy, calf eggs are much more fragile than boiled eggs.

Summary: for a calf egg, the cooking time is 5 minutes and 45 seconds, using eggs at room temperature. Here you will find the video of the recipe for calf eggs.

Cooking the calf egg with cold water

If you want to make your calf eggs by starting cooking with cold water, place your eggs at room temperature in a saucepan. Cover with cold water and bring the water to a boil. When the water is quivering, count for 4 minutes. Then take your eggs out of the water and stop cooking in a bowl of cold water.

A cooked calf egg without a shell is a poached egg. A poached egg is made in the following way: break an egg in a ramekin. Bring a large amount of vinaigrée water to a boil, and with the help of a wooden spoon form a whirlpool in the water. Pour the egg that is in the ramekin in the center of the whirlpool. Let it cook for 3 minutes and collect the egg using a skimmer. The poached egg can also be cooked using a food film. Here you will find the technique of cooking the calf egg in a food film.

Need to refresh your memory on the cooking time of the boiled or hard egg? you can find a complete “egg cooking” memo here.

If time is short, you can also make a calf egg in the microwave. Pour 4 tablespoons of water into a ramekin and then break an egg into it. Cover and launch the microwave 50 seconds at 900 watts. Your egg is ready, you just have to season it.

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