What foods can you eat to lose weight, without having to go hungry?

For many people getting lost weight is not only an aesthetic issue but health. To achieve this it is essential to exercise regularly and follow a balanced diet that allows you to reach the ideal weight.

We must start from the point that not all foods, nor all calories are the same, as proposed by the website Tododisca. “Some foods, despite having a high number of calories, offer a great satiating effect, which causes us to eat less and, therefore, fewer calories are consumed. Other foods are ideal for weight loss as they help to speed up the metabolism, and others are not recommended as they only provide empty calories”.

Empty calories are those that provide energy but few nutrients. So beyond the belief that calorie consumption should be counted, what’s really important is their quality, so that they contribute to a good functioning of the body.Along with a good diet it is key to exercise.

© Keith Srakocic Along with a good diet it is key to exercise.

That is why it is important to identify foods that serve to carry a healthy diet, which allows you to lose weight without decreasing nutrients for the proper functioning of the rest of the body. The key when looking to lose weight is to identify nutritious and satiating foods.

Tododisca experts suggest legumes, that is, those seeds that come from leguminous plants, such as beans, lentils, chickpeas, peas because they will fill you more and therefore make you feel more satisfied, which will make you stop eating before and let more time pass before the next meal.

Legumes are also nutritious, providing protein, which stimulates metabolism and helps burn more calories. They also provide fiber and starch, key elements to keep the intestinal flora healthy.

Let’s talk now about the vegetables that will be favorable to lose weight, those with green leaves, such as lettuce, cabbage, chard, or spinach. All of them have few calories, and in fact, they are key in diets such as the Keto diet, because they also provide fiber, which is key to give a feeling of satisfaction when consumed in generous amounts.

Eggs should be on this list because they provide important nutritional values such as healthy fats, in addition to being an important source of protein, and that can be prepared in different ways to vary the menu at the table.

It is key to include in your diet nuts such as walnuts, almonds, and hazelnuts to the appropriate extent that should not exceed a handful a day because although they provide several calories, you must recognize the benefits they bring to health. They provide unsaturated fats, vitamin E, folic acid, magnesium, calcium, B vitamins, and melatonin among other nutrients.

Lean meat, the one with the lowest amount of fat, is recommended for weight loss. Meats of this type are chicken, turkey, rabbit, and beef. Of course, we must limit the consumption of sausages and processed meats that provide empty calories.

Since we mentioned meats, it is worth talking about salmon and tuna as other valuable possibilities. The first because it is rich in healthy fats and protein, and the second because it is also low in calories.

Last but not least, green tea is mentioned, which although it should not be exceeded in its consumption, is beneficial for fat loss. It is a good substitute for coffee, or to consume both during the day and receive great benefits for weight loss and overall health.

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