Why will the price of wine rise incredibly?

Do you love wine and you buy it very often? Your little evening drink, you can not do without it? The bottle of wine is your essential for aperitifs with friends? Know that its price will increase.

It is the media 20 Minutes that relays this information Due to extremely unfavorable weather, the grape harvests are not good. The Ministry of Agriculture is formal, French production is down from 24% to 30%.

According to Agreste (the ministry’s statistical service), the harvest is between 32.6 million and 35.6 million hectolitres. The frost that hit part of France in the spring and the torrential rains favored the appearance of vine diseases such as late blight and powdery mildew and strongly impacted the harvests.

“Wine production in 2021 is forecast to be historically low, lower than those of 1991 and 2017, which are also affected by a severe frost in the spring,” the ministry informs. “For the time being, the yield would be close to that of 1977, when the wine harvest had been reduced by a destructive frost and summer rainfall,” he concludes.

Reducing the space of wine-growing areas does not help to increase production. And the vine is not the only one impacted. Fruit trees are also affected especially apricots. According to Agreste, this is the worst harvest in 42 years. Production is of the order of 56,000 tons, down 35% compared to last year. With supply falling sharply and demand still as high as ever, the calculation is simple: prices will therefore rise sharply in the coming months. One more reason to consume your glass of wine in moderation…

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