3 tips to avoid burnout according to the psychologist of millionaires

There’s nothing good about burnout, it makes you feel tired, aimless, overly stressed, and very frustrated, and it’s not something that’s going to go away on its own, you need to learn how to handle the problem effectively, and a psychologist who works with the most successful Fortune 500 companies (which are the ones with the richest men in the world at their head) have revealed the best tips to achieve this.

Burnout is not a disease like any other, is not transmitted if you sneeze, and also does not have to do with the season of the year, but it is a real and common problem that affects more and more people around the world and has everything to do with mental health.

It’s not something new, it just didn’t have a clear name and we weren’t so aware that this was what was happening to us. What’s real is that cases of burnout are on the rise and leave us all increasingly tired and reluctant to work, exercise, or do other things we love.

According to a TINYpulse survey, 69% of all working people reported experiencing burnout. The good news is that Laura Pendergrass, a seasoned psychologist who works with the world’s most successful companies, told CNBC that there are a few small changes we can all make to our routines to be more productive, more satisfied, and avoid burnout.

How to avoid burnout?

Give yourself time to recharge the batteries

Especially with telecommuting, people reported working up to 2.5 hours longer than they should, meaning there is less time to relax and focus on mental and physical health.

The expert says that every person should spend at least an hour a day away from the computer and do an activity they enjoy and that has nothing to do with work or responsibilities, such as walking, watching a series or reading (20 minutes may be enough to get started).

One way to do this is to get out into nature, which has been shown to have great benefits to help you maintain good mental health and regain energy (in addition to vitamin D, which you get when you go out in the sun and which can improve your mood).

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Rewrite your to-do list

An endless to-do list can be intimidating and overwhelming, so it’s very important that you have achievable goals, so instead of writing down everything you have to do in the year, divide your list into small sections that you can attack. In the short term, this will help you see progress and not get carried away by despair.

By focusing on short-term or more urgent tasks to do, you can then remove items from your list faster, which will save you from having a very long list when it comes time to turn off the computer and end the day.

Focus on a new project

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Burnout can also appear when you feel like you’re not moving forward and not doing enough, when the day is repetitive and monotonous, which can make you feel that what you’re doing doesn’t matter or has a good impact.

To combat this, it is recommended to look for a new project (inside or outside of work) with which you can test your skills, learn new things or contribute in a way you hadn’t thought of (you can even volunteer or something similar).

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