5 mistakes not to make when you have dry hair

Tired of your porous, rough and britper hair? Gianni Coppa, hairdresser and colorist (founder of the R’Factory salon) tells you the hair errors to avoid to put an end to this phenomenon.

It is common for your friends to complain about their oily hair and you about your dry locks? For genetic reasons, your scalp may produce less sebum than necessary (natural oil essential to moisturize the hair). Result: your curls or ripples are generally drier because the little oil available on your roots hardly reaches your lengths and tips.

If your hair is permanently dry, then it loses its strength and becomes porous, and rough. To put an end to this problem, it is essential to analyze your care routine (in order to improve it, if necessary). But do not forget to seek advice from a dermatologist if the problem persists anyway. Only a specialized doctor can correctly diagnose your hair problem. Here are some “classic” mistakes not to reproduce at home:

Mistake #1: Abusing oil baths

The fact of regularly carrying out oil baths risks “plasticizing the hair”, according to Gianni Coppa, hairdresser and colorist (founder of the R’Factorysalon). Subsequently, the strands may no longer be receptive to care.

Mistake #2: overheat your hair without protecting it

Heat and hair do not mix well. If you regularly use heating devices (hairdryer, smoothing iron, buckling iron, corrugating iron …) or if you expose yourself to the sun: do not forget to protect your strands “with a thermal protector”, advises the hair specialist.

Mistake #3: Use hair cosmetics with alcohol

The alcohol present in cosmetics “dries the hair”, says the expert. That is why it is better to avoid it. If you regularly use lacquer, for example, be sure to choose one that does not contain alcohol.

Mistake #4: Abuse dry shampoos

Dry shampoo is good, but in moderation (as with everything, finally). Abusing it “risks making your hair porous”, explains Gianni Coppa. So, use it wisely to avoid damage!

Mistake #5: let your hair dry naturally

Did you think it was better to let your hair dry in the open air? Think again. The hair can absorb 10 times its weight in water, which stretches it, damages it, and dries it”, specifies the hairdresser colorist. It is then preferable to “pre-dry them by applying an oil and/or serum if you do not want to dry them entirely”.

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