5 mistakes not to make when you have oily hair

Caring for your oily hair will become child’s play by abandoning these bad habits!

Knowing what is right to treat your oily hair can help you take care of it on a daily basis. If you have this capillary nature, know that it is impossible to totally control the production of natural sebum produced by the scalp. But, with a few tricks, it will be easier for you to avoid this unwanted heavy and greasy aspect. If oily hair is particularly difficult to treat, it may be that some bad daily habits promote the accumulation of residues on your scalp (making cleaning more difficult).

To help you reverse the situation and get a healthy scalp, here are 5 mistakes to avoid right now, according to colorist hairdresser Gianni Coppa (founder of R’Factory):

Mistake #1: Perform a single shampoo

Do you make a single shampoo when you wash your hair? Bad idea if they tend to produce a lot of sebum. It is better to make two: one that cleans, the second that treats,” explains Gianni Coppa.

Mistake #2: Use sheathing shampoos

The choice of your shampoo is very important. It is better to avoid products” with a surplus of cosmetics (such as silicone)”, specifies the professional. Silicone suffocates hair. By using hair cosmetics that contain this ingredient, your hair may become more oily.

Mistake #3: Apply too many fatty products

If you have oily hair, avoid abusing oily products “so as not to over-nourish them”, explains the hair expert. That is, it is best to apply the serum (or any other product that may weigh down your hair further) in moderation.

Mistake #4: Apply care from the root

When applying your conditioner or hair mask in the shower, be careful not to apply it to your roots (only on your lengths and tips).

Mistake #5: avoid overstretching your hair

So that your scalp does not produce more sebum, avoid overstretching it during the day. In other words, goodbye with your hands in your hair!

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