9 Natural Beauty Secrets Of French Women

When it comes to appearing like a natural beauty, French women have nailed the ‘I always look like this’ appearance, complete with a cheeky smile, so it makes sense to study their daily beauty regimen and pick up a few tips. Nothing could be further from the truth than the idea that French ladies appear to do nothing to get their unique natural beauty. They have a traditional view of beauty that is worth exploring.

1.Don’t Touch Me!
Brush your hair only once or twice a week. It may be tough to break this habit. From a young age, I was informed that 100 brush strokes a day were required for beautiful, glossy, and healthy hair. This strategy appears to be completely incorrect. Overbrushing weakens your hair strands, causing them to break and get damaged, leaving you with wispy ends. Leaving your hair unbrushed provides a more natural textured feel, giving you a ‘beach’ or ‘bed-head’ look.

Coiffed hair may appear flawless, but it can also appear to be aging.
You might want to reconsider how often you wash your hair each week. Over-washing can deplete your hair’s natural oils, leaving it dry and lifeless.

2. Its All About Healthy Skin
From a young age, French children are taught to take care of their skin. You only have one skin, so take care of it by moisturizing it and protecting it with SPF. Not only your face, but your entire body, need attention, and moisturizing it with cream or oil maintains your skin nourished, wrinkle-free, and supple.

Aside from the regular morning and night cleansing procedures, French women apply face masks all year long, depending on their skin’s health and the season. In the winter, nourishing face masks keep dry skin at bay, while cooling or relaxing masks soothe irritations in the summer. Impurities are removed using a peeling or exfoliating mask, and moisturizing masks maintain skin plump and supple.

During the day, French ladies keep their skin moisturized by spraying hot water on it every few hours. Pollution and air conditioning have a drying impact on it. Facials are popular among French ladies as well.

The goal is to have skin that is so toned, clean, and fresh that they only need to wear minimal make-up. In fact, most French women avoid wearing foundation because foundation, color, preservatives, and other chemicals block pores.

As a consequence, if your skin is in good shape, the inherent beauty of your skin can shine through. It’s not necessary to conceal it with makeup. Concealer and blush are still used by French women, albeit considerably less so than in other nations.

3.  Don’t Touch the Face
During the day, French ladies strive not to touch their faces too much. Keeping a clean face entails washing hands after handling money, riding the metro, or visiting other dirty public areas.

To prevent polluting your skin and creating skin irritations from pollutants, remember to wash your hands throughout the day.

4. Watch Out for the Sun
Natural beauty comes from not laying in the sun for hours on end without protection. French ladies don’t allow themselves to be exposed to the sun without adequate sun protection on their faces, necks, or hands, and they know certain foods, such as watermelon, may help protect your skin from the sun.

As you become older, this helps to prevent wrinkles and dryness, so your skin looks beautiful for longer. Living in a warm environment, such as Australia, may expose you to the elements and cause damage to your skin without you ever noticing it. When you’re out in the sun, wear a hat, use sunscreen, and use common sense.

5. No Needles, Please!
Although no woman enjoys growing old, French ladies want to do so gracefully. That means no injections or cosmetic surgery. French ladies strive for individuality in their appearance. They perceive something wonderful, unique, and holy where we would see a fault. A French lady despises anything that takes away their individuality and makes them appear like everyone else.

6. Make Your Beauty Routine a Deep and Meaningful Ritual
Make your beauty regimen enjoyable rather than a burden. To do so, pick a shampoo or bath salts that you appreciate so that you may enjoy every lengthy bath you take. It’s about forgetting about your worries and being aware of your senses in order to recuperate and renew your body and skin. The commonplace becomes remarkable when it is elevated to a ritual.

7. Go Natural
Natural substances are preferred by French ladies over chemicals. Use the answers that nature has to offer, whether it’s essential oils or herbal beverages.
Chamomile, mandarin, mint, aloe vera, sea weed, grapes, argon oil, and even coffee offer incredible natural beauty advantages that French ladies recognize and use, and that we can as well. They understand how they operate and when to employ them instead of man-made alternatives, and they do it without the negative side effects.

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8. Drink Water
The need of staying hydrated and the advantages of drinking pure, highly mineralized water are well understood by French women. It may appear straightforward. Despite this, the majority of individuals are chronically dehydrated. Water is required for the proper functioning of your organs, brain, and body, as well as the appearance of fresh and plump skin. Drink up to 2 liters of water every day. It may seem excessive, but if you sweat, are stressed, or exercise, your body need high-quality water. Always keep a water bottle on your person. Lemon, oranges, or mint can be used to flavor it.

9. What Beauty Secrets? Deny Everything.
French ladies are so enamored with the natural beauty symbol that they seldom reveal their own beauty secrets. It takes a lot of effort to appear naturally attractive without appearing to be ‘trying.’ French ladies try with a variety of cosmetics to get the ultimate natural look. If you’re a close friend, don’t expect them to share because it requires time, money, and experimenting. It’s possible that even the scent they wear is a trade secret.

Natural beauty necessitates planning, discipline, and concentration. It’s our mission to make you feel good by wearing our fashionable statement pieces.

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