Alternatives to replace cooking oil

The increase in the price of cooking oils hits the pockets of Peruvian families. For this reason, Olger Román Vílchez, representative of the College of Nutritionists of Lima, offers recommendations to replace this input.

First of all, it is important to mention that cooking oil is dispensable in people’s food planning. Well, the nutrients it provides can also be obtained from other sources, such as fish meat, egg yolk, or beef.

Also, low or no use of the oil will help people lose weight and lead healthier lives. ‘Whether palm, soy, or olive, a teaspoon of oil provides approximately 45 calories. For this reason, we must moderate its consumption’, stresses the specialist.

How to replace oil in preparations?

– Use nonstick pots or pans: The use of this type of utensils prevents food from sticking. In this way, the use of oils is no longer required.

– Opt for baked or steamed preparations: They are cooking methods that do not require oil and, in addition, give a touch of flavor different from the dishes we prepare.

– Vegetable broth for frying: It is a good choice for dressings and meats.

– Lemon is nonstick: The use of this citrus is an alternative to cooking, especially fish. In addition, the result is very pleasant.

– Salted water for frying eggs: Mixing water and salt will help the eggs not stick in the pan.

The nutritionist points out that cooking oil contains omega 6, which promotes inflammation of the body. ‘Therefore, its consumption must be controlled. And, in this case, we recommend the consumption of fish, because it contains a good amount of omega 3, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory’, he says.

One way to save the amount of oil used in our meals is to apply it as a spray to pots or pans. ‘Let’s use the bottles of alcohol we carry today to disinfect ourselves. There you can pour the oil and use it in the kitchen. Of two or three pressures at most’, recommends Olger Román. Finally, decreasing oil consumption can be an opportunity to try other inputs that are healthy and will help maintain a balanced diet. Likewise, there will be a respite in the family economy in the face of the rise in the prices of this product.

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