Does white vinegar really disinfect?

Used on a daily basis, white vinegar has become an indispensable part of maintenance. Does this natural product really disinfect? The answer will surprise you.

Tiling, linen, stains, toilet, kitchen… For each cleaning step, white vinegar serves us. And it is often thought that it allows disinfection of its surfaces. Is it a truly disinfectant natural product?

Does vinegar disinfect?

This is information that will probably change the way you do the housework. White vinegar does not disinfect at all! In our podcast Ma Maison Saine, the eco-nurse Philippe Perrin confided to us that it can weaken some microbials, but does not significantly reduce the bacterial load. Although this 100% natural product has an environmental interest since it is not harmful, white vinegar only cleans.

Is white vinegar really useful for cleaning?

This amazing answer does not require you to remove white vinegar from your essentials of maintenance. It remains an excellent multi-surface cleaner. This natural product is useful throughout the house, and even in the garden. Don’t do it! Above all, Philippe Perrin explains that cleaning always precedes disinfection, if it is necessary.

How to disinfect your home?

It is good to know that total disinfection of the house is useless. While regular cleaning is necessary to avoid the accumulation of dust and mites… Note, moreover, that simple soapy water is effective in washing your floors, worktops, or tiles. It is in a second step that a deterging product and therefore disinfectant can be used. The ventilation of the house, at a rate of a minimum of 5 minutes per day, as well as a household at least weekly is enough to have a house without microbes.

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