Dry and irritated nose: the best solutions to relieve yourself

When our nose is dry and irritated, we are more prone to infections because dryness and irritation prevent the nasal mucosa from properly fulfilling its defense function. How to treat and prevent this symptom? Naturopath Émilie Kapps reveals several remedies to mitigate this manifestation and prevent our nose from drying out.

During our life, we can suffer from different small ailments. Among the common and unpleasant manifestations, we find the runny nose. Although a runny nose is painful, having a dry nose can also be a real discomfort. And for good reason, dryness and nasal irritation can cause itching, crusts, or sneezing. In addition, this symptom, which can occur in both summer and winter, increases the risk of contracting an infection, according to naturopath Émilie Kapps.

“When the inner walls of the nose are too dry, the nasal mucosa, which is in the first line of defense of the nose, can no longer perform its filtration role,” she says. Clearly, in this situation, the inspired air is no longer filtered, which allows the many pathogens to enter the body more easily and remain there. “In case of dry and irritated nostrils, we are thus more conducive to infections,” adds the specialist.

What causes dryness and nasal irritation?

Several factors can dry out and irritate the nose. The origin is the most common is a cold. This winter disease that causes us to blow our nose regularly is often responsible for irritation of the nasal mucosa. The naturopath also indicates that dryness of the inner walls of the nose can be caused by dry air. “Heating and cooling dry the air and impact the nasal mucosa,” she says. Another cause: dehydration. Lack of water can lead to the occurrence of a dry and irritated nose because the mucous membranes and cells are not hydrated enough.

Dry and irritated nose: what remedies can alleviate this symptom?

If our nostrils are dry and irritated, we must first try to identify the factors favoring the appearance of this symptom in order to avoid them. It is then advisable to moisturize his nose in order to relieve himself and so that it can again properly perform its defense function. For this, Émilie Kapps recommends betting on several remedies, such as:

  • An inhalation with matrix chamomile. This plant with anti-inflammatory properties will help fight against inflammation of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. In order to achieve it, it is necessary to prepare an herbal tea. To do this, 25 cl of hot water is poured into a bowl and two teaspoons of dried plants are added. We let it brew for five minutes and then lean his head covered with a towel above the container. This inhalation should be done twice a day.
  • Physiological saline. “This remedy aims to moisten the nasal mucosa so that it can filter the inspired air. This makes it possible to prevent bacteria from lodged in the nose”, explains the specialist.
  • A “homemade” saline solution. To prepare it, half a teaspoon of salt is dissolved in 250 ml of hot water. This remedy is then injected into the nose with a spray to moisturize its nasal mucosa.
  • Sesame vegetable oil. This essence is a “nasal lubricant”, which softens and softens the nasal mucosa. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and allows mucus to detach, in case of crusts. A few drops are applied to the nostrils twice a day, more precisely in the morning and evening.
  • An air humidifier. This device to be placed in heated and air-conditioned rooms makes it possible to relieve a dry and irritated nose. Another alternative: a cup of water to put on the radiators.
  • An infusion of several plants. “In case of a dry, irritated and stuffy nose, one can drink an infusion to treat this symptom. It is recommended to combine thyme, eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint and rosemary. We turn to these plants because they are rich in antibacterial and soothing compounds. This hot drink, to be consumed twice a day, corresponds to a balanced mixture of plants”, says Émilie Kapps.

How to prevent dryness and nasal irritation?

There are several tips to prevent his nose from drying out and getting irritated. The naturopath advises not to overheat the rooms and not to abuse the air conditioning. She also recommends regular hydration to prevent dehydration, which is one of the factors that promotes dryness and nasal irritation. The specialist also recommends blowing your nose one nostril after another when you have a cold.

Thanks to Émilie Kapps, naturopath

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