Eye: the larger your pupil, the smarter you are?

The human body is far from having revealed all its secrets. If the brain does not stop fascinating, other organs are not left out. Do you know pupillometry? If not, perhaps you can extract a word from it: pupil. As you will have understood, this method consists in measuring the diameter of this black orifice located in the middle of the iris.

The pupil, a moving element

The dilation of this element can be caused by light, but also by emotions or drug use. The size of the pupil thus reflects many things in an individual. And a study published last June, reported by Discover Magazine, goes even further. It would demonstrate a link between our eyes and… our intelligence.

Fluid intelligence

Attention, we are talking here mainly about fluid intelligence, that is, the ability of a person to adapt to an environment compared to his past experience. How was this determined? Randall Engle, a psychologist at the Georgia Institute of Technology, provided tests to assess this characteristic for different subjects.

And the results he draws from it are astonishing, to say the least. People who scored very well on these tests, and therefore had a certain level of fluid intelligence, originally had large pupils.

As the magazine points out, it is nevertheless important to avoid shortcuts on associations that have in the past given rise to discriminatory systems.

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