Five herbal infusions to cleanse the arteries

Keeping the arteries clean is vital because they are responsible for transporting blood throughout the body.

Blood vessels known as veins and arteries perform important functions in the body. The veins carry blood from all over the body to the heart, while the arteries carry blood from the heart to the rest of the body. While the veins carry blood with waste, the arteries carry clean blood. This is why it is important to take care of them and keep them in good condition.

One way to do this is through an appropriate diet, because when you do not consume what the body needs, in the case of blood vessels this can lead to blockage of the arteries, which causes circulatory and cardiovascular problems or diseases such as atherosclerosis.

Because of this and in order to prevent any type of disease that can affect the health of the arteries, the experts of the portal Better with Health, mentioned five functional herbal remedies to generate a deep cleaning of these. It should be noted that the experts of the Spanish Heart Foundation mentioned that it is essential to hydrate daily in addition to exercising to avoid blockage of the arteries.

Special infusions to clean the arteries:

1. Basil infusion

Basil, in addition to being a delicious condiment, provides a healing option to the body by helping the arteries stay free of blockages. In addition, preparing an infusion with this herb is quite easy, as it only needs water and basil leaves. Its preparation consists of first letting a cup of water boil and when it is at its boiling point the basil leaves are added.

Once this is done, they are left to stand for 10 minutes, and then the infusion is served, making use of a strainer to avoid branches in the glass.

2. Thyme infusion

This infusion is another moisturizing drink that also helps to detoxify the body, so it cleanses the arteries naturally, as this herb has anti-inflammatory properties. To prepare the infusion should only boil a cup of water and as in the previous preparation, when the water is at its boiling point the thyme is added and left to stand for 20 minutes.Cup of tea. (Photo by Sina Schuldt/picture alliance via Getty Images)

© picture-alliance Cup of tea. (Photo by Sina Schuldt/picture alliance via Getty Images)

3. Celery Infusion

Celery according to experts has quite a few positive effects on health, infusions of this herb are quite well known especially when it comes to a stomachache, however, it is a stem that works quite well at the time of deflating, so it is recommended for cleaning the arteries. Its preparation is the same as the previous ones because only the water should be boiled and the branch added.

4. Infusion of hawthorn

This infusion is especially recommended by alternative medicine because, according to experts, this infusion helps to cleanse the whole body and release accumulated toxins, so it is also special to combat fluid retention and deflate the body. To prepare it you only need a cup of water and a teaspoon of hawthorn.

5. Rosemary Infusion

The infusion of rosemary helps to hydrate the whole body, making it accurate to keep the arteries free of blockages. To prepare the drink you only need a cup of water and a teaspoon of rosemary. Its preparation consists of boiling the water and when it is at its boiling point you must lower the fire and put the rosemary. Let the herb cook for at least 2 or 3 more minutes. One recommendation is to take the infusion 30 minutes after the main meal.

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