Four Common Mistakes To Avoid When Following Detox Diets

We all want to have the ideal body, but exercise is not enough to achieve a healthy body, we must also purify our body so that it can be clean of toxins and much of this can be found in the so-called detox diets.

These focus on eliminating everything bad that is lodged in our body and that it does not need, through a natural but rigorous process based on a lot of liquid to expel the unnecessary and ingest fruits and vegetables high in vitamins.

However, many people tend to misrepresent what detox diets are and exaggerate the process, which is why we will explain what the most common mistakes are.

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No matter how many nutritious foods you eat, you don’t do anything if you don’t drink water.

Drinking a lot of fluids is the way in which the body will eliminate all the toxins lodged in our body, through urine.

A very common mistake is to eat twice as many vegetables and fruits to avoid increasing the number of glasses of water a day.

We know that at first, it will be difficult to get used to ingesting so much water because we are not used to it, but that is what detox diets are about, that our body adapts to the healthy.

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There are times and times to do detox diets

Detox diets are not like any nutritionist program in which the phrase “I start on Monday” applies so much, you must choose and plan the times when we will move forward with this diet so as not to break the rhythm or fall into bitterness.

It is best to start this dietary program when you are stress-free from work or outside of holidays where we know there will be temptations in terms of food.

On the contrary, the ideal would be to start after the festivities to eliminate toxins from that day’s food or if alcohol was ingested.

In detox diets does not apply the “if it does not hurt, it does not work”

Many confuse pain with progress when it comes to diets and exercises, the reality is that we must listen to the signals that our body sends us.

If we feel any discomfort or pain during the detox diet does not mean that it is working, it is best to consult with a doctor to prevent it.

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Going hungry is not the best solution

This nutritional program is not about stopping eating or going hungry, on the contrary, it is about eating a little healthier but constant.

That is why juices with green leaves, tea, fruits, and vegetables will help us satisfy hunger as we advance in the diet.

This will lead to our body adapting to this diet and being satisfied with less and less food.

So, it’s not about stopping eating, it’s about our body no longer need so much food, that’s what detox diets are based on.

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