Here is the best exercise to remove the belly fat and have concrete abs according to scientists

Not all sports exercises are created equal when it comes to losing fat and gaining muscle. The researchers found that a particular training session was more effective and offered visible results in the belly and waist circumference.

Getting a flat and drawn belly is not always easy. Be careful, no injunction to perfection, the main thing is to feel good in your body, whether it is muscular or not. For those who wish to gain muscle and tone, it is important to be aware that not all exercises are equal.

Published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, a study reveals that some workouts are more effective in burning fat in the belly and giving way to muscular abdominals. To determine this, the researchers analyzed, among other things, the corpulence of 39 healthy adults. They were separated into two groups and subjected to different sports routines for eight weeks.

The first group was untrained in a regular gym four days a week. During the sessions, participants were required to make a continuous, regular and moderate effort over an extended period of time.

The second group performed two regular gym workouts and two HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts. The volunteers had to provide an intense effort over a short period of time followed by a moment of recovery. Enough to push the body to face a physical activity extreme enough to quickly draw on its reserves.

The winning approach

In the end, the researchers noted that the group assigned to HIIT sessions had lost weight and had a smaller waist circumference. The results at the belly level were more convincing.” An analysis of changes between groups revealed that HIIT resulted in a significantly greater reduction in abdominal circumference and visceral adiposity compared to conventional physical training ».

In addition, the researchers noted a marked improvement in cardiorespiratory fitness levels. Indeed, HIIT has an impact on VO2max. This is the maximum amount of oxygen that the body can absorb per unit of time. In other words, this measure refers to the flow of oxygen that the lungs are able to process and send to the blood to be consumed by the muscles in order to provide for the body during physical exertion. By practicing HIIT on a regular basis, this VO2Max is increased much faster than during traditional cardio sessions.

The study concludes: “HIIT can be considered a good method for people who are physically active in the gym and who want to gain significant benefits for their fitness in a relatively short period of time.”

Thus, it is worth adding a few series of HIIT to our workouts. As such, many exercises make the abdominal strap work but also other areas of the body in passing: mountain climbers, burpees, jumping jacks …

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