Hiccups in children: this can be controlled with 10 simple tricks

Breathing in a paper bag, drinking cold water without breathing, and eating something with sugar are some of the options to remove this discomfort.

Most people have had hiccups at least once in their lives. Although it usually goes away a few minutes later, it can be annoying, uncomfortable, and even interfere with social relationships or conversations.

It is a nuisance that can affect everyone, even children and babies. According to Healthline, hiccups appear when spasms occur voluntarily in the diaphragm, a large muscle that helps breathe and expire.

When this muscle spasms, the person suddenly inhales and the vocal cords close, causing a distinctive sound. There are several causes that can cause hiccups, including eating too much or too fast, consuming carbonated drinks, eating spicy foods, being stressed or emotionally excited, drinking alcohol, or being exposed to rapid changes in temperature.

Since children suffer from some frequency from this discomfort, there are some tricks that can help remove it quickly:

1. Breathe in a paper bag. This should be done repeatedly for a long time. It is a breathing exercise that directly affects the diaphragm, helping to relax it.

2. Scare. The scare, as long as it is without warning, can cause the diaphragm to return to its correct position and stop rising and falling uncontrollably. This is because when there is something that puts the person on alert, the diaphragm relaxes, indicates the portal Guíainfantil.com.Babies also face bouts of hiccups.© twinsterphoto Babies also face bouts of hiccups.

3. Drink cold water without breathing. For this trick to work, the person has to drink a glass of water, holding his breath.

4. Hold your breath. You have to breathe in normally, hold your breath for a while and breathe slowly. Repeat several times. With this exercise, it is possible to regulate breathing.

5. One tablespoon of lemon. Taking a tablespoon of lemon or vinegar seems to soothe hiccups, as it acts on irritation of the diaphragm.

6. Lie down with your knees toward your chest. This exercise serves to directly affect the diaphragm. Lying on the floor, the child can bring the knees to the chest and maintain this posture for two minutes.

7. Distraction. It consists of diverting attention to something else, for example by asking many questions so that the person stops thinking that he has hiccups. Also, the child can repeat phrases like this: ‘Hiccups I have, Hiccups I will have. I pass it on to my father and if he doesn’t want it, let him give it back to me again.’

8. Drink by plugging the ears. It consists of drinking a glass of water continuously with the ears plugged. Water should be consumed little by little. With this, intrathoracic pressure increases.Hiccups can appear at any time.© Nicoleta Ionescu Hiccups can appear at any time.

9. Eat some sugar. Place a pinch of granulated sugar on your tongue and leave it there for 5 to 10 seconds, then it should be swallowed, Healthlinerecommends.

10. Gargle with cold water. Gargling with cold water for 30 seconds and repeating if necessary, can also be an option.

The specialized portal Healthline, adds other tricks that can be used by children and adults, such as drinking water with ice, sucking an ice cube, placing a drop of vinegar on the tongue, hitting or rubbing the back of the neck, touching the bottom of the throat with a cotton swab, throwing the tongue, pressing the diaphragm and applying a massage to the carotid artery.

Similarly, practicing measured breathing, holding your breath, hugging your knees to press on your chest, compressing your chest, and trying to exhale while the person squeezes your nose while keeping your mouth closed, are other options that can be experienced to try to eliminate hiccups.

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