How Sleeping on Your Left Side Affect Your Health?

You might be shocked to learn that the way you sleep can either benefit or harm your health. You are free to sleep in whatever position that makes you feel comfortable. However, did you know that sleeping on your left side offers several health benefits?

It helps to avoid numerous diseases, improves heart health, assists digestion, reduces fatigue, and improves bowel motions, among other benefits. It is critical that you teach your body to sleep on the left side.

Prevents Tiredness In The Morning

Sleeping on your left side permits your liver and gall bladder to hang freely and release more bile with less waste. This aids in the digestion of meals in a smooth and simple manner.

Stops Snoring

We’ve all experienced staying up all night listening to someone snore excessively. However, the solution may be less complicated than originally assumed.

“Sleeping on your side is good for people who have obstructive sleep apnea and are prone to general snoring,” Medical Daily reports.

Improves Digestion

While it may come as a surprise, your sleeping posture might have a direct impact on your ability to keep regular.

“Sleeping on the left side helps gravity to assist the food waste to flow more readily from the small intestine into the big intestine,” says Dr. John Douillard.

Helps Lymphatic System

While many individuals don’t give their lymph nodes — located in the neck and armpit areas — much consideration, they are a vital component of the body’s system.

“The left side of the body is the dominant lymphatic side,” according to Healthy Life Tricks, “and while you’re sleeping on this side, your body will have more time to filter toxins, lymph fluid, and waste.”

Prevents Liver Congestion

The liver is responsible for removing and neutralizing poisons from the body. Because this organ is located on the right side of the body, sleeping on it can cause liver congestion to back up onto the right side of the body, causing health problems.

According to Ayurveda, sleeping on your left side improves liver function and prevents indigestion, bloating, increased cholesterol, and even depression.

When Pregnant, Improves Blood Flow To The Fetus

You may have heard that sleeping on your left side while pregnant is beneficial, but you may not have realized why.

“Sleeping on the left side during pregnancy is also suggested to promote circulation to the heart – excellent for Mom and baby,” according to WebMD.

Helps Circulatory System

The advantages of sleeping on your left side include improved circulation and a reduction in varicose veins.

“If you have varicose veins, sleeping on your left side helps circulation by lowering pressure on your vena cava (the body’s biggest vein), which is located on the right side of the body,” says the Vein Clinic.

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