How to reduce eye wrinkles naturally?

Alcohol consumption and lack of hydration, among others, are factors that reinforce the appearance of wrinkles or spots in the area.

The area around the eyes is quite delicate, so spots and wrinkles usually come out easily. In addition, it is so sensitive that some cosmetic products make the area sensitive, so experts point out that keeping the area moisturized is one of the ways to avoid wrinkles and spots.

On the other hand, according to the expert portal Better with Health, when the skin loses proteins and fibers such as collagen and elastin, the skin tends to lose shine, to look brown and old. Therefore, to prevent the skin from suffering from premature aging, it is recommended to recover collagen in the affected areas.

Experts created a list of natural products that can help improve the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles in this area.

* Egg white

Egg white is soothing and firming, plus many vitamins. According to experts, it is good for stretching the skin and removing wrinkles, so it can be applied every day in the area.

* Avocado

It has always been listed as one of the healthiest foods for its high content of vitamin E. In addition, it is a stimulant for the formation of collagen, so it provides important benefits to the area.

According to the expert portal, the avocado mask will help moisturize the skin and give it fatty acids.Coffee mask

© Alessandro Biascioli Coffee mask

* Cucumber

This food is a good option to eliminate wrinkles under the eyes, because it contains 96% water, in addition to vitamin C, vitamin E and essential oils to completely moisturize this part.

Experts point out that it is necessary to put some slices in the area where wrinkles occur. On the other hand, they indicate that it is important to maintain a balanced sleep because in this way the bags and dark circles will also disappear.

* Properly moisturize the area

In addition to creams and masks, it is important to drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated. Experts point out that it is crucial to use dermatological products to avoid irritating the area.

Tricks to prevent wrinkles

– Use eye contour or petroleum jelly in the area at night at bedtime so that the skin hydrates, softens, and thus reduces expression lines.

– Apply a mixture of olive oil, milk, and rose water. It should be applied with a cotton swab to the eye area. Using this product at least two or three times a week will help relax the skin and prevent blemishes.

– Treat this area very gently. When applying masks or creams, stretching the skin should be avoided; some experts and dermatologists say that, when applying treatments, it should be done with gentle touches with the fingertips or with cotton, also with touches.

– Do not use powders in this area.

– Perform exercises when you feel the tension in the area.

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