How to relieve headaches with massages?

Experts point out that adequate nutrition is key in this process.

Headache is a very common condition. While there are different types of headaches, some more acute than others, tension headache is the most common. This presents with diffuse pain, ranging from mild to moderate, and is often described as a feeling of having a tight band around the head. Despite being the most common, its causes are still not well known.

For the treatment of this ailment, there are different products on the market, such as medicines – which must have a medical prescription – and experts point out that an adequate diet is key in this process. In addition to the above, you can also resort to a series of massages that can relieve the headache.

It should be clarified that massages help relieve headaches whenever they are associated with vascular and muscular tensions, such as tension headaches. This pain occurs when the muscles of the neck and scalp contract in response to stress.How do you know when a headache is dangerous?

© Goodboy Picture Company How do you know when a headache is dangerous?

The contraction that occurs in both the muscles and nerves makes the effect of the simple pressure of the fingers on certain points help to unlock or relax it, explains the better with health portal.

The trick is to work on the pressure points: “Accumulations of nerves located in certain points of the body, such as in the sidelines. When we exert an effective massage in these areas, blood circulation throughout the body is regulated. The tense muscles are relaxed and suffering in the head, neck and even the muscles of the face are relieved, “highlights the portal specialized in well-being.


To begin, you must ingest two glasses with water, so you will be hydrated to carry out the massage. The massage to relieve the headache consists of four steps that you must follow fully to get the desired results.

The first step is to bring the thumbs to the eye – where the nose joins the forehead – and identify the point of tension, and then exert a slight pressure with the fingers for 10 seconds. Assorted that process, rest for a minute, and repeat the exercise five times.

As a second step, you need to concentrate on the eyebrows and massage the lower area. To achieve this, you just have to close your eyes and gently pinch, with the help of your index fingers and thumb, the area under your eyebrows – at the top of your eyelids. When that area is pinched it is stimulating blood circulation. Take the skin with both fingers for 10 seconds and release it for five seconds. Repeat this exercise at least five times.

Then, as a third step, you should concentrate on the area of the breasts, bring the last phalanges of the fingers to the two sides of the head, where the sidelines are located to exert pressure, which will help circulation and relieve pain. You should put pressure on the sidelines for 10 seconds, rest 15 and repeat the process five times.

The fourth and final step continues at the scenes, but this time practicing circular massages. It is the same exercise, but performing circular movements for 30 seconds, with a rest of 10 and three repetitions. For best results, it is recommended to perform neck stretches from left to right gently to relax the entire cervical area.

This massage can be repeated two to three times to relieve the headache.

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