How To Strengthen Your Hair? 10 Tips For You To Make It Stronger!

Even the greatest of us have bad hair days now and again, but they don’t have to be a daily occurrence. While genetics play a part in hair color and texture, there are a few things we can do to control hair development and encourage thicker, more vivid hair. If you’re not a natural Rapunzel, or if you just need a little assistance getting your hair to cooperate before you go out the door in the morning, try these ten methods to strengthen your hair and show it some love.

  1. Up the protein in your diet

Hair follicles are primarily made up of protein, therefore getting adequate protein in your diet is crucial for hair development. Hair thinning and hair loss might be caused by a lack of protein in the diet, according to research.

The following foods are high in protein and may assist to improve hair health:

  • eggs
  • fish, like mackerel and salmon
  • nuts and seeds
  • lean meats
  • spinach and kale
  • beans and legumes

2. Simple way to dry your hair faster.
Allowing your hair to air dry is always the best choice, but if that isn’t possible, protect it with nutritious substances from your kitchen, such as grapeseed oil, to give shine and an extra layer of protection. Fill a spray bottle with a tiny amount and have it on hand for when you need to dry your hair.

3. Gently brush out hair using a wide-tooth comb or wet brush
When our hair is wet, it is the most vulnerable. Broken strands and thinner locks can be caused by yanking and pulling with a brush. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb or a brush specifically designed to glide through damp hair while your hair is wet.

3. Go easy on the shampoo
It’s critical to keep your hair clean. However, in order to decrease oiliness and eliminate debris, most shampoos contain chemicals that take away your hair’s natural oils.

Unless your hair is excessively greasy, you may probably reduce your shampooing to two to three times per week rather than daily. Washing your hair too often might cause it to dry out and damage the hair shaft.

Also, don’t overdo it with the shampoo. To clean your hair, the American Academy of Dermatology recommends using only a quarter-sized quantity of shampoo, applied primarily to your scalp.

4. Condition Correctly
The chemicals in your conditioner help your hair fall straight and manageable. It shields your hair from environmental irritants as well as heat styling. It should, however, only be used on the tips of your hair and not on your scalp. Also, after using it, make sure to properly rinse it off.

5. Oil it up
Oils are all the rage in skin and hair care right now, and if you haven’t hopped on board yet, now is the time! They’re nutritious, perfect for a self-care session, and they’ll make you feel fantastic.

6. Rinse with cold water
Even if it’s a shock to your system, washing your hair with cold water before exiting the shower seals the hair cuticle, adding shine and smoothing your hair. Using cold water seals in the moisture from your regular conditioner, strengthening and lengthening your hair.

7. Drink More Water
Internal and exterior hydration are essential for hair that is well-balanced and healthy. Even if you use moisturizing hair care products and oils, drinking at least 3 litres of water each day is essential for optimum hair health.

8. Use Hair Caps/hats
The same way that sunlight damages your skin, it also damages your hair. The sun’s rays may strip moisture from your hair, leaving it dry, brittle, and damaged over time. When you go out, wear a hat to protect your hair from the elements. When you’re in the pool, wear a hat to protect your hair. Chlorinated water is detrimental to your hair’s health.

9. Trim Your Hair Regularly
To avoid split ends, trim your hair every 6-8 weeks. When the hair is damaged by heat styling, pollution, smoking, stress, and other factors, split ends occur. Trimming the hair does not help it grow quicker. Hair growth occurs at the scalp level, but regular cutting keeps hair healthy.

10. Massage your scalp

Increasing blood flow to the hair follicles and improving the health and condition of your scalp are two benefits of increasing blood circulation in your scalp.

A 2016 research found that a 4-minute daily scalp massage can help enhance hair thickness and strength over time.

You can massage your own scalp for several minutes by exerting pressure in circular strokes with your fingertips. You may do this on dry hair or while your hair is wet, right before shampooing.

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