Natural anti-stress: how to relax in 10 minutes with Zen&Boost

To better manage stress, the establishment of good lifestyle habits is fundamental. But faced with an emergency situation, we sometimes need a little help in the expression. Discover how to lower the pressure quickly with these exercises to be done in 10 minutes top Chrono.

19% currently suffer from anxiety, according to the latest data published by Santé Publique France*. A higher proportion of 6 points compared to a level excluding the Covid-19 epidemic. If there is no miracle cure for stress, adopting some express tips to relax can help: go for a walk in nature, put your phone on silent, indulge in a manual activity …

But these punctual remedies cannot replace a healthy lifestyle, fundamental to cope with stress. Getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet, and practicing physical activity, even gentle, are sine qua nonelements of psychic balance.

Zen&Boost: 10 minutes to fight stress

And the latter can, too, be favored by the practice of yoga. Tatiana Orlhac, the founder of the Zen&Boost method, shares a method to relax quickly. Accessible to beginners, this 10-minute routine imagined by the yoga and Pilates teacher combines breathing exercise, massage, stretching, and deep relaxation. It can be performed following a stressful situation, or at the end of the day to create a decompression airlock and, possibly, fight against sleep disorders.

Anti-stress exercise n°1: the buzzing of the bee

The anti-stress buzzing exercise.
  1. Sitting in a suit.
  2. Cut off from hearing and sight: close your ears with your thumbs and leave the other fingers slightly above the face to stay in your inner space.
  3. Inhale normally
  4. At the time of exhalation, rather than letting the air escape, make the “m” sound last as long as possible. Let this sound diffuse into the cranial space.
  5. Perform 3 to 5 cycles.
  6. Place your hands on your thighs again and already savor the new qualities of your body.

Anti-stress exercise n°2: tempes massage

The massage of the temples anti stress easy and fast.
  1. Remain in a sitting position.
  2. Place index and middle finger at the temples.
  3. Exert gentle and progressive pressure and then circle in an counterclockwise direction.
  4. Perform a dozen circles and then finish with continuous pressure.
  5. Release hands on thighs.
  6. Enjoy the seat for a few minutes.

Anti-stress exercise n°3: the Lying Butterfly

The exercise of the elongated butterfly anti stress easy and fast.
  1. Place a bolster (a yoga bolster) or 2 cushions against the pelvis.
  2. Lie on this support(s).
  3. Place the plants of the feet against the other.
  4. Let the knees fall to the sides and arrive in a butterfly shape.
  5. Arrange the arms on the sides with the palms of the hand facing the sky.
  6. Observe the opening being created in the chest and shoulders, as well as the stretching being done inside the legs.
  7. Maintain posture for 3 minutes.

Anti-stress exercise n°4: Savasana – deep relaxation and mental reprogramming

An easy and fast anti-stress Savasana.
  1. Lie on your back. The legs are in their axis, the arms along the body.
  2. Place a cushion long under the thighs to relieve the lower back.
  3. Let the body settle entirely on the ground. From the feet to the head, from head to toe. From the hands to the heart, from the heart to the hands.
  4. Repeat 3 times aloud or in his head the following sentences: “I trust myself”, “I let go”, “I am in the present moment”, “Here and now I am at peace”.
  5. Let these words infuse into themselves.
  6. Then return to his breath and continue the inner journey with it.
  7. Lie down for 3 minutes – or, if you can, 10 minutes.
  8. Wake up your body as if you have all the time for it.

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