Scientists warned about the dangers of tea bags

Many people can not drink tea bags – they always think that it gives plastic. And, as it turned out, their taste sensations should be trusted.

The most popular myth about tea bags is that they don’t actually have tea in them. Like, it’s not tea leaves, but dust from them. This is not entirely true, just a large sheet that we brew is more expensive, and the wreckage is cheaper. The drink itself, its taste from this change little.

But! The danger came from where they did not expect: from the bag itself. NTV journalists together with scientists conducted the first study in Russia on the content of microplastics in tea packaged in this way. And got unpleasant results.

How the study was conducted

In the laboratory, the bags were emptied and lowered for 5 minutes in boiled, purified from any impurities water. Then the liquid was applied to special plates, and when it evaporated, the result was evaluated using special equipment.

Most of the nanoparticles were counted in the water in which the pyramid was brewed, completely woven from nylon fibers. In the sticks and in bags of cellulose plastic is also there, but 10 times less.

“Microplastic particles can cause systemic inflammation,” Vladimir Shipelin, a senior researcher at the Laboratory of Food Toxicology and Safety Assessment of Nanotechnology of the Federal State Research Institute “FIC of Nutrition and Biotechnology”, warned on the air of the NashPotrebNadzor program. “That is, the immune response in those organs to which these particles can reach.”

At the same time, microparticles are more dangerous than large pieces, which, surprisingly, are practically excreted from the body without a trace. But tiny ones can penetrate into the cells.

“Nanoparticles that are a thousand times smaller than microns may not be excreted from the body! — says Professor of the Department of Biology and Ichthyology of Moscow State University, water toxicologist Yuri Simakov. “They are able to easily penetrate into any tissue, accumulate there.”

At the same time, as the researchers say, there are no standards that would ban microplastic bags – this is not controlled anywhere in the world.

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