Stuffy nose, how to uncover it quickly?

There are several home remedies to control nasal congestion and inflammation of the sinuses. Hydrating is a good way to prevent the condition.

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Nose congestion is usually annoying in many ways, especially when even if people clean their nose they realize that nothing comes out and that the problem persists. Many think that nose congestion occurs from inflamed blood vessels, but this is not the case.

According to the health expert portal Healthline, it occurs when blood vessels become inflamed at the height of the sinuses. Usually, irritation of the vessels happens when you have a cold, flu, allergy, or infection in the area.

Regardless of the reason, there are mechanisms to relieve discomfort. Here are some of the most recommended methods.

1. Humidifier

Humidifiers provide a quick and easy way to reduce sinus pain; these devices convert water into moisture that slowly fills the air, increasing the amount of it in the room. This can soften irritated tissues, managing to decongest and deflate the sinuses.

Moisture also helps dissolve mucus from the sinuses, which can help clean fluids from the nose, so people could breathe normally again.

2. Take a shower

Steam from a hot shower helps dissolve mucus in the nose and reduce inflammation. Taking a hot shower when you’re with a stuffy nose helps your breathing return to normal, at least for a period. This method can have the same effects when breathing in the steam from the hot water.

3. Hydration

Hydration is critical in the human body, not only because it helps keep the body functioning smoothly, but because it helps dissolve mucus in the nostrils by pushing fluids out of the nose. This decreases the pressure of the sinuses, so there will be less irritation.Studio photo of a young man with a handkerchief who is going to sneeze. Isolated sick individual has runny nose. Man makes a cure for the common cold from air conditioning.© unomat Studio photo of a young man with a handkerchief who is going to sneeze. An isolated sick individual has a runny nose. Man makes a cure for the common cold from air conditioning.

4. Use a saline spray

Saline water solutions are good for moisturizing this area, but experts note that a nasal saline spray that increases the humidity in the pits can also be used. This product dissolves mucus from the pits, so inflammation of the blood vessels is decreased.

5. Drain the sinuses

The nasal wash is designed to rinse mucus and fluids from the nostrils, helping to lower irritation of the nose. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it is recommended to use distilled or sterilized water instead of tap water.

6. Warm water compresses

Warm compresses can help decongest the nose by helping to open the nostrils from the outside. To carry out the process, a towel must be wet with warm water, squeeze the water, fold it and place it on the nose and forehead.

7. Medications to decongest

In many cases, congestion can be so strong that home methods can help very little to fix the problem. Therefore, medication can help reduce inflammation and relieve pain related to irritated nostrils.

8. Antihistamine drugs

These medications are especially recommended to control allergy and nasal congestion caused by allergies. It should be noted that one of the side effects of these drugs is drowsiness, so it is recommended to make use when you should not be active.

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