The Energy of Life: How to Awaken the Source of Power

Each of us has our own ways of obtaining vital energy. But how effective are they? Coffee, energy, chocolate, and other sweets – all this is more doping than real power. To regain our vitality for a real and long time is what Dr. Sherab Barma, one of the most famous doctors in Tibet, teaches us.

Energy is the power of the mind. Your own brain can both take and give you strength. So, it must be tightly controlled. Teach him discipline, constantly remind him that the most important moment in life is the current, the most important person is the one who is in front of you at the moment.

Do not overwhelm children with too high expectations and do not deprive yourself of energy with excessive anxiety for them. Your child has his own karma, different from yours. But his soul chose you as a parent because it felt that you could teach it well, help it to reach a new level. Your task is to show the baby where the road is, and he will choose the direction himself.

Beat chronic fatigue by asking yourself if you’re thinking too much. Bad thoughts are the main vampires of energy. Or are you trying to control everything? This is also harmful – especially for women. Women and men think differently. Men are simpler – their minds are not able to pay attention to detail. And the female does just that. Therefore, your own mind can become a source of both great wisdom and emotional instability and suffer for you. To stop thinking about nonsense, start breathing more consciously – a slow inhale with your stomach and an equally slow exhale.

Raise your energy levels with relaxing meditation. Do not be afraid of the word “meditation”. To master its simplest options, you do not need any money or much time. And it is not necessary to be a Buddhist or to practice yoga intensively. Just learn to slow down your mind and your energy will be replenished regularly. A few minutes a day will be enough. For example, learn to focus your attention on something that helps you relax. A beautiful object will do – imaginary or (better) real. For example, an apple or a bottle of wine is something you can focus on (a candle is not the most suitable option). It is better to choose an object of green or blue color, they are very useful for the eyes, as they have a cooling property. The eyes are connected by energy meridians to the liver, which is associated with the element of Fire, so they constantly need cooling. Look at this object, without looking away, focusing on it all your attention, all your thoughts, and as if absorbing its shape, texture, shades of color. You won’t notice how your mind calms down.

The basis of high vital energy is the balance of the five basic elements that make up man and the entire universe. In Tibetan philosophy and medicine, these are sa (Earth), chu (Water), me (Fire), lung (Wind), and namka (Space).

  • The earth has a great influence on the formation of cells of muscle tissue, bones, on the nose and phobia.
  • Water is responsible for the formation of blood, bodily fluids, for the tongue and taste.
  • Fire – for body temperature, build, eyes and vision.
  • The wind is for breathing, skin and touch.
  • Space – for bodily cavities, ears and hearing.

The three main life principles of the body are wind, mucus, and bile. They also need to be balanced. We believe that the main causes of disease, including low energy levels, are the “three poisons of the mind”: ignorance, attachments, and anger. Wind (TSA lung or prana) is a very important element that is most connected with the energies of the mind and the nervous system. The imbalance of this element is the main source of physical and emotional problems.

Do not forget that the body of any person is constantly changing. Every day, millions of cells die and are born again. This is a natural process, it resembles the growth of a tree.

First, the grain will fall into the ground, and if the soil is fertile, there is enough sun and water, the grain germinates and gradually turns into a strong tree. In spring, the buds bloom, in summer the tree blooms, in autumn it bears fruit, and in winter it slowly falls asleep in order to begin a new cycle of development in the spring. Similar processes take place in the human body. It must be constantly updated in accordance with natural rhythms. In life, everything is interconnected. Man is part of the cosmos. Therefore, everything you eat, drink, and inhale affects the balance of elements in the body and the overall level of your energy.© Provided by: Marie Claire

Each person has his own constitution, in which all three life principles are present (as a rule, with the predominance of one) or only two elements are combined. It is believed that choleric correspond to the type of Bile, phlegmatics, and melancholic – the type of Mucus, and sanguine – the type of Wind. In people who have the element of Fire prevails (this is the constitution Bile – a dense physique and a decisive, hot-tempered character), good digestion, strong immunity, and consistently high energy. The predominance of Water and Earth (people of the Constitution of Mucus, who have large rounded shapes and a slow temperament) reduces the power of digestive fire – such people need to take more care of their health and accumulate energy. Wind people (thin, mobile, fickle, prone to mood swings and nervous breakdowns) have an extremely restless mind and the reason are prone to frequent decline in strength.

Energy is what you eat. There is no such thing as good food. There is the only food that is suitable for you, your psychophysiological type, taking into account seasonality and place of residence. Only such food will give you energy. For example, I know that meat is not my food, it takes away my energy, and others need it.

Appreciate the power of your digestive fire. The level of energy depends on it. It is extremely important how well your kidneys work. Tibetan medicine believes that digestion and kidney condition are directly related. We believe that the kidneys not only cleanse the body but are also responsible for the accumulation and circulation of vital energy in general. If your digestive fire is weak, your kidneys get little fuel and you feel a general energy deficit. This often happens in today’s nervous world.

Early lifting, stretching, and warm water. Tibetan doctors advise you to live and eat according to your type of constitution. But the general recommendations are as follows. Get up early, it is better at 5-6 in the morning, warm up the body with the help of stretching, yoga or breathing exercises, and meditation. Start the day with a glass of warm boiled water. Cold mineral water is too rough, especially for an empty stomach – it activates the elements of Fire, Earth, and Water in the body. For people of the Fire Constitution, this is good, but for everyone else (and this is most people) warm boiled water is still preferable, it will help to start digestion and immediately raise energy. The main thing is that the water is freshly boiled, and not leftover from the evening in the kettle.

Breakfast should be warm and nutritious, but not too heavy. And never wash down a warm or hot meal with cold drinks! By the way, eggs and fish, as well as eggs and dairy products, we in Tibet consider incongruous products. In the West, people eat sandwiches and other hard-to-digest food just out of the fridge for breakfast — and it takes away their energy. To digest this cold heavy food, your stomach that has not yet woken up will require remarkable strength. And there’s still a whole day ahead! Even if this food is healthy and of high quality, it will most likely not be absorbed by you. Observe a break between meals – it is better than it was four hours. Otherwise, toxins are formed in the body, and energy is lost. Eat lighter food first, then one that is digested more slowly (for example, fruits after a hearty lunch or dinner are harmful).

A raw food diet and a juice diet are bad. The only ones for whom this fashionable diet can be good are the people of Fire with perfect digestion (such, I repeat, there are very few left on earth), as well as those who live in a very hot climate. For the rest, this is not only a loss of vital energy, but also a dangerous thing in general, not only for you but also for your offspring (such nutrition increases the risk of giving birth to weak children – physically and mentally). With fasting, too, be careful, this story is not for everyone.

Drink as much water as your body asks. I think a liter a day is enough. Alcohol – if you consume it in moderation – is also not bad, especially for people who have the wind off the scale. For example, 25-50 ml of something stronger before going to bed or half a pot of good red wine is an excellent sedative. With sports, it overloads the liver, which is associated with the energy of Fire. With too intense physical exertion, the liver “burns out” – this weakens the body.

Sex can both give and take energy. It is important to focus on the time of year. In spring and autumn, it is better to have sex no more than once every three days, in summer – once every 10-15 days (in summer the element of Fire prevails, sex also increases fiery energy, and if you do it too often in the heat, then it will take too much strength from the body). And in winter, when the body seeks to accumulate as much energy as possible (so this time of year is best for conception), you can love each other without restrictions – this will be a great warm-up.

Everyone is born with their own level of strength. It’s a karmic thing. But energy, just like karma, can be controlled. We create our karma (translated from Sanskrit this word means “action”) here and now. In Tibet, they say, “Living in mindfulness eliminates suffering.” By the way, we do not believe in the existence of energy vampires. We call this concept “namto” – negative thoughts and illusory ideas generated by our own restless minds.

The main source of strength is peace of mind. If you have money, access to the highest quality food, expensive medicines, and vitamins, but there is no peace in the soul, then the energy level will be low. And it does not matter who and how you work and how much you earn. The main thing is your inner state.

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