This is the number of hours of sleep you lose when you have a baby

Are they new dads?

Be prepared because this is the number of hours of sleep you lose when you have a baby, according to one study on average you could lose 44 days of sleep in a year.

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 If you’re a new dad, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “Sleep as much as you can; after the baby is born you will no longer rest the same.” Maybe you heard, ignored and even laughed; however, unfortunately a study confirms that this is absolutely real.

The tired, irritated, and onerous eyes of new parents do not magically appear. They are the consequence of losing up to 44 days of sleep during the first year of your baby’s life (or more if he cries a lot at night).

According to the survey conducted by Ergoflex, some of the new parents sleep (on average) about 5.1 hours a day.

This amount of sleep is insufficient since it is normally recommended to sleep between seven and eight hours daily.

This means that if we add the losses of each (2.9 hours), a week they will have 20.3 hours less sleep. And a year will accumulate 1,055.6 hours, or what is the same, 44 lost days of sleep.

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To many, this may seem insignificant, but it is not. Lack of sleep in adults, especially new parents, can cause physical and emotional problems:

  • Are more likely to develop diabetes
  • Increases the risk of hypertension
  • May suffer from heart disease
  • They experience sudden changes in their mood
  • They are irritable, moody

One way to reduce the impact of sleep deprivation is to take advantage of the time the newborn sleeps, to do the same as him. Take the floor to family members who offer to take care of the little one while you sleep (even if it’s 20 minutes, you’ll feel revitalized and less stressed or stressed).

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