What breakfast to avoid the craving of 10h?

While the biggest one is looking everywhere for his favorite black t-shirt, we have 3 minutes top time to swallow a toast or two before leaving for work. It is quickly swallowed up well done well, but at 11 o’clock, hunger is felt and the helm is not very far away. To avoid mid-morning cravings, we list ideas for balanced breakfasts that give the energy to last until 12 o’clock.

Proteins, fiber, and lipids: here are the 3 essentials of an appetite suppressant breakfast to hold all morning. The enemy? Fast sugars. And for good reason, they are the best allies of the craving of 11 hours. Too many sugars in the early morning cause a peak in blood sugar(and therefore energy) on the spot, but a stroke of the bar once all the blood sugar has been assimilated and we are in hypoglycemia, just a few hours later. As a result, we have nothing to digest, we have no more fuel, we are hungry. In order not to get to that point, we are ignoring biscuits full of sugars and children’s cereals.

Balanced sweet breakfasts

Balanced sweet breakfasts© Provided by 750 grams Balanced sweet breakfasts

To hold until noon without a hit of the bar, indulge yourself with a porridge, homemade granola, or oatmeal. The fibers they contain swell in the stomach and cause a feeling of satiety. We are full. To balance our morning bowl, we add seasonal fruit quarters (raspberries, banana, apple, pear, pineapple, etc.) for vitamins and fiber. We supplement with Greek yogurt, thick enough to stall us, and some almonds or nuts (oilseeds are rich in lipids and proteins).

If bowls don’t tempt you, take advantage of Sunday to prepare pancakes or oatmeal waffles and banana bread for the mornings of the week when you are in a hurry.

Wholemeal bread toast goes very well with skyr or fresh cheese and fruit weds.

Besides, prefer a whole fruit or smoothie to squeezed fruit juices. Even without added or homemade sugars, they are energy bombs that only bring fast sugars, as if you were starting the day with a can of soda. 11-hour bar shot assured!

Balanced salty breakfasts

Balanced salty breakfasts© Provided by 750 grams Balanced salty breakfasts

Leave aside your preconceptions and let yourself be tempted by salty. You are not told to take maroilles or garlic cancoillotte early in the morning, but choose products that are not very strong in the mouth, such as emmental and turkey white.

To avoid cravings, prepare salty appetite suppressant toast. We opt for a wholemeal bread(the more fiber there is, the more satiating it is, remember)sliced, with fresh cheese and a slice of white ham.

You are not very cold cuts? Replace the ham with avocado and fried eggs. Alternatively, there are also boiled eggs with lightly buttered country bread mouillettes or county mouillettes to stock up on protein and lipids. For fiber, we accompany it with fresh fruit.

The 3 rules of the anti-craving breakfast

  • We take the time to eat and we focus on what we eat, to listen to our body and our hunger. And that also implies knowing what you need by adapting your breakfast to your needs.
  • We enjoy eating. You don’t force yourself to eat something just because it’s considered healthy and balanced; we must also feel like it, which is important.
  • You don’t force yourself to have breakfast if you’re not hungry. If your body doesn’t need fuel at the moment, don’t force yourself to eat to eat.

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