Why the second chin appears and how to get rid of it

There may be several reasons, and to eliminate each – their own methods. For example, if the second chin appeared due to the fact that you are always looking at the phone, you will have to start parting with digital addiction.

Plastic surgeons say that every year more and more clineths turn to them to remove the second chin. But often it is not necessary to go under the knife to make this area tightened. First, you should deal with the reason why this very double chin you have.

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Of course, this remains one of the main factors. When we get fat, it is reflected not only on the figure but also on the face. Here, the easiest way to get rid of fat in the chin area is physical activity and a balanced diet of whole grains, unsaturated fats, and quality protein. You can, of course, get rid of the second chin with the help of a lipolytic, but is it not better to put yourself in order entirely?


With age, the body begins to lose collagen and elastin, which make the skin supple and smooth. This can lead to sagging skin and the appearance of a second chin. Here will help cosmetic procedures, for example, tightening with threads, or, as an extreme way out – plastic.

Poor posture

If you constantly slouch and walk with your head down, it weakens the muscles of the neck and chin. The way out is physical exercises that will create a muscular corset and straighten out posture. Both strength programs (prescribed by a competent coach) and yoga, Pilates, and even massage are well suited.

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“Some people inherit a harder chin line, others a softer one, even if they’re thin on their own,” says Chris Dempers, a physician at the Cleveland Clinic. In this case, only radical methods will help – such as plastic.


If you suddenly notice a fat fold under your chin, perhaps the reason is in your state of health. Cushing’s syndrome, which causes fat accumulation in the upper body, or insufficient thyroid activity, can cause the formation of a double chin, doctors say. In this case, you must first cope with the disease and its symptoms.

Many underestimate the danger of constant sticking in the phone. The second chin can appear even in a young girl who is not overweight, but there is an active life in a social network. Due to the fact that we are constantly looking down at the screen, gradual atrophy of the nodding (sternum-subclavian-mastoid) muscle begins. It weakens, because of this, the oval of the face floats, splashes are formed, a second chin is formed. So try to limit your screen time to avoid potentially aging posture.

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