10 Creative Kitchen Cabinet Ideas We’re Obsessed With

Depending on how many you have and how well they are arranged, kitchen cabinets may either be the misery of your existence or your lifeline. And we’re here to make sure that just the latter resonates with you. Whether you like a classic or more modern style, these kitchen cabinet design ideas go well beyond plain old cabinets, and will allow you to spice up your kitchen storage places with ornamental colours, finishes, and hardware, aside from utilitarian suggestions.

  1. Sky-High Cabinets
    Installing cabinets above the counters isn’t the only way to add more storage to your kitchen; you can also move the cupboards about the room, such as above the refrigerator (just remember the step stool).
Source: Vrbo

2. Double-Duty Cabinets
Do you want to conceal your dishwasher? To avoid breaking up the line of cabinets under the counter, add a cabinet front. Better still, cover it up with something as lovely as hardware-free cabinets painted in a blush pink hue.

3. Beverage Bar
Why put ordinary kitchen items in your corner when you can transform it into a beverage bar? A coffee maker, a wine rack, and some drinkware may transform a drab kitchen nook into something lovely and functional.

4. Skirted Cabinets
If you have open cabinets that you don’t like, an easy hack is to make a drape to hide them. Choose cafe curtains or measure and cut your fabric to fit, then hang it on a rod from the bottom of the counter.

Source: The Kitchn

5. Display Cabinets
Another creative technique to brighten up a dark kitchen is to use display cabinets. Not only will you be able to show off your lovely dinnerware and decorative items, but the glass will also give the room a more open and expansive air.

6. Interior Painted Cabinets
The concept of painting the interior cabinets a colour that matches an accent item in the space is fantastic. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to try out bold colours if you’re hesitant to paint the entire space.

7. Metallic Cabinets
Nothing beats metallic to make your interiors stand out. To keep it from becoming too dazzling, go for a brushed gold finish on the kitchen cabinets and use more earthy materials like jute.

Source: Backsplash

8. Corner Cabinets
Make your cabinets fit into the corners by customizing them. When you need more storage space, they’ll come in useful. If the unusual shape bothers you, replace it with two smaller cupboards on either side for goods such as cooking sheets and trays.

Source: Pinterest

9. Glossy Cabinets
It’s all about adding light to warm up a contemporary kitchen. Cabinets with a glossy surface reflect light back into the space.

Source: Pinterest

10. Solid Wood Cabinets
Without needing to choose a light hue, solid wood warms up a kitchen. Use leather handle pulls for a more formal look.

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