10 Easy and Stylish Desk Organization Ideas

While the future of working from home is uncertain, the future of your office supplies does not have to be. Whether you have the most instagrammable WFH setup or you’re simply looking for your highlighter, adopting an organized system for your desk is simpler than you think.

The key to a well-organized area is to assign a specific location to each object. Your computer, writing utensils, and documents all require a place to rest at the end of the day. But it doesn’t have to be a chore to have a designated space.

Continue reading to discover 10 simple and beautiful desk organizing ideas.

  1. Add a pegboard
    A tiny pegboard is one of the simplest ways to get clutter away from your desk and into a location where it can be kept tidy. Do you want to add a splash of color to your office? Instead, try painting your pegboard a light accent color or going for a natural wooden appearance.

2. Try a New Take on Wire Baskets
Wire baskets have been around for a while, but this new spin on an old classic has us scratching our heads. These matte black metal perforated baskets let you see what’s within while being forgiving if your contents shift after a day of moving through documents or supplies.

3. Go Gray
While blending bright colors may detract from the serenity that comes with an ordered environment, mixing soft neutrals like gray and white may boost your style game while keeping your room serene and your belongings put away.

4. Always Measure
When choosing organizing products, it’s always best to optimize your space. Choose organizers that fit snugly end-to-end in desk drawers, for example.

5. Utilize Door Space
Is your workstation hidden in a corridor or linked to your kitchen island? If this is the case, you may need to think outside the box when deciding where to keep your goods. Using the back of a hallway door or a tiny closet to maximize your small space organizing is a wonderful choice.


6. Mix New and Vintage
Sometimes you already have a jar or glass that is the ideal size for your pens. There’s no need to buy fresh unless you’re looking for a totally uniformed organizational style. Use what you have and combine it with additional organizing products purchased to match particular office needs.

7. Try All White
There’s a reason why all-white organizers are so popular. They appear basic and tidy, and if something is out of place, it is instantly apparent. Depending on your organizational maintenance, this might be a good or bad thing.

8. Stay Unique to Your Space
Every home office is different, and the objects that require an organization system are unique to you—for example, washi tape. Not everyone needs small shelves to arrange their washi tape, but if you do, this is a wonderful way to showcase it.

9. Add a Personal Touch
There is no right or wrong way to arrange your space, but if you choose primarily white organizers, adding personal touches like flowers or artwork you like may help step up your design game and offer a burst of color.

10. Make It Mobile
Perhaps your living room couch serves as your workstation, or you simply prefer to work from various locations within your house. Does this imply that you must forego an organizational system? Certainly not. A mobile cart allows your home office to travel anywhere you need to work.

Items for organization do not have to be dull. Don’t be afraid to add a splash of color or anything that makes your heart sing—just be sure to measure your space before making product purchases and have a designated area for all of your office equipment.

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